Paul W Boyles: Artificial catheter means. Mills and Coats, June 3, 1986: US04592340 (405 worldwide citation)

An arterial catheter of the multi-lumen type having an inflatable balloon portion to wedge the catheter in place against the arterial wall. Multi-infusions are allowed through the segmented multi-lumens. This catheter is so designed to allow blood to flow in the arterial system with the catheter in ...

Thomas G Taylor: Method and apparatus for producing alcohol and an alcohol-petroleum fuel mix. Mills and Coats, April 20, 1982: US04325329 (61 worldwide citation)

The present invention entails a method and apparatus for producing alcohol and mixing the produced alcohol with a conventional petroleum fuel to form an alcohol-petroleum fuel mix which is typically referred to as gasohol. A grain base material such as animal feed or crushed corn is allowed to ferme ...

Alfred Z Moore: Assistance summoning system. Mills and Coats, August 12, 1986: US04606073 (58 worldwide citation)

A compact and simple to operate transceiving device used by law enforcement officers, security agents, military personnel and the like to prerecord an emergency message prior to leaving his vehicle. In an emergency situation, the apparatus will automatically affect transmission of the above message ...

Patricia I M Barker, Nathan A Ziskin, Michael J Grossfeld: Multiphase cosmetic composition. Almay, Mills and Coats, June 15, 1982: US04335103 (43 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a multiphase cosmetic composition wherein respective phases throughout the total composition are generally stable, separate, and visually distinct.

Robert C Williams III, Stephen R Williams, Robert R Weil: Method and apparatus for cleaning and maintaining carpet. Mills and Coats, June 17, 1986: US04595420 (43 worldwide citation)

The present invention entails a method and apparatus for cleaning and maintaining large areas of low to medium pile carpet, such as is found in hotels, airports, etc. The invention employs a mobile carpet cleaning machine which is propelled over the carpet to be cleaned. The principal features of th ...

B Keith Herron: Method and apparatus for smoking. Mills and Coats, February 18, 1986: US04570646 (40 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for smoking. The smoking apparatus is specifically designed for use by smokers in smoking cigarettes. Moreover, the smoking apparatus may be referred to as a generally closed smoking system because smoke normally produced about the burning end o ...

Patricia T Newman: Means and method of showing feelings. Mills and Coats, March 4, 1986: US04573927 (36 worldwide citation)

This invention is a means to aide children in identifying, accepting and expressing their feelings. This means is in the form of a doll like figure which is used adjunctively in therapeutic and child care setting as well as in natural surroundings. The doll like figure associated with the present in ...

David C Falk: Horticultural device. Mills and Coats, January 11, 1977: US04002205 (33 worldwide citation)

In abstract, a preferred embodiment of this invention is a device for forming and maintaining demarcation boundaries primarily in the field of plant husbandry. The device includes power driven sets of blades spaced from each other on a common axle, with the tips of the blades angled toward each othe ...

Steven G Howell, Orville F Harless: Portable vehicle alarm system. Mills and Coats, February 5, 1980: US04187497 (31 worldwide citation)

A portable vehicle alarm system having a motion sensitive switch and a transmitter for transmitting an alarm to a remote receiver. The receiver is capable of several functions including silent alarm to police or security guards as well as visual and audible alarms in remote locations such as light p ...

Theodore C Brown Sr: Two piece closet ring with moisture membrane clamping arrangement. Mills and Coats, March 11, 1986: US04574402 (30 worldwide citation)

This invention is an improved sealing arrangement for use in conjunction with water closet rings wherein a lower section includes an inwardly beveled shoulder which fits a similar configured neoprene type gasket. When a specifically designed top section telescopically engages the interior of the low ...