Purushotham Kola
Veerabhadra Rao Panangipalli, Narayana Padmanabhuni, Sivaram Challa, Axel Allgeier, Purushotham Kola: Integration message resubmission tool. Oracle International Corporation, Miles & Stockbridge P C, September 22, 2015: US09141340

A system for resubmitting a message for integration of applications receives information relating to a plurality of messages. Each message of the plurality of messages has been unsuccessfully transmitted between integration milestones, the message for resubmission being one of the plurality of messa ...

Sean Ward: System and method for creating dynamic playlists. Edward J Kondracki, Miles & Stockbridge P C, February 25, 2003: US06526411 (443 worldwide citation)

Method and system provided for creating a dynamic playlist including meta-data having potential association with a respective content item configured to be played on a content player, and having dynamic addition of subtraction of playlist items. The system maintains a database of linkages between el ...

Mark Schneider: Measuring position and orientation using magnetic fields. CorMedica Corporation, William L Feeney, Miles & Stockbridge P C, June 6, 2000: US06073043 (263 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for determining the position and orientation of a remote object relative to a reference coordinate frame includes a plurality of field-generating elements for generating electromagnetic fields, a drive for applying, to the generating elements, signals that generate a plurality ...

Leonard W Schaper: Electronic interconnection medium having offset electrical mesh plane. The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, Miles & Stockbridge P C, July 3, 2001: US06255600 (200 worldwide citation)

An electrical interconnection medium is provided having first and second overlying interconnection layers. Each interconnection layer includes parallel conductors, and the conductors of the first and second interconnection layers are oriented orthogonally to each other. The conductors can be interco ...

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A search and retrieval system includes a data terminal which displays icons representing properties in a given real-estate market on a digital map. The icons are selectable so that, when selected, information derived from an MLS or other database are displayed in association with the map. In one emb ...

Marcel Boukobza, Gerard Sitbon: Process for monitoring a plurality of object types of a plurality of nodes from a management node in a data processing system by distributing configured agents. Bull, Edward J Kondracki, Miles & Stockbridge P C, September 19, 2000: US06122664 (171 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for monitoring a plurality of object types of a plurality of nodes (N1, N2, . . . , Nn) comprising a management node (MN) in an information system. Monitoring is configured and then distributed in a filtered way from the management node (MN) to autonomous a ...

Ron Abraham Gut, Alexis Paul Tzannes, Edmund Campion Reiter: Cache system and method for generating uncached objects from cached and stored object components. Aware, Miles & Stockbridge P C, Jason H Vick, February 28, 2006: US07006099 (147 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for constructing objects within a cache system thereby allowing the cache system to respond to requested objects that are not initially available within the cache system. One embodiment of the invention caches image files, where the images are divided into components and stored ...

Ken Takei, Kazuo Tamura, Nobuaki Kitano, Seiichi Kashimura, Hiroyuki Hori, Yasuo Ishikawa: Low/high frequency shared leakage antenna, base station apparatus and close-range detection system using the antenna. Hitachi, Hitachi Metals, Miles & Stockbridge P C, August 19, 2014: US08811278 (144 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a high/low frequency dual wireless location detection and information transmission system which is high in reliability and maintainability, and can be easily installed. A leakage coaxial inner conductor and a conductor line provided in parallel are short-circuited at a ...

Masanao Yamaoka, Kenichi Osada, Koichiro Ishibashi: Semiconductor memory device with memory cells operated by boosted voltage. Hitachi, Miles & Stockbridge P C, September 21, 2004: US06795332 (138 worldwide citation)

A memory using an SRAM memory cell intended for low-voltage operation is designed to decrease the threshold value of MOB transistors constituting the memory cell without substantial decrease in the static noise margin, which is the operational margin of the memory cell. To this end, a voltage Vdd′ h ...

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A multifunction IC card (MFC) has compatibility with a multimedia card, an SD card, etc. in that connector terminals (#