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A system and method for programming a digitally tunable oscillator is provided. A desired output frequency is received. A tuning effect of a set of digital tuning words on a crystal resonant frequency is determined, and valid parameters of an algorithm for translating and tuning the crystal resonant ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide a synthetic silica glass optical material which exhibits excellent transmittance as well as durability for high output power vacuum ultraviolet rays, being emitted from, for example, ArF excimer lasers and Xe.sub.2 excimer lamps, and to provide a meth ...

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A wingless personal air transport (PAT) comprises two main sections: First, a substantially horizontal circular inner platform is provided with its outer extremity having a first diameter D


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A process for joining ceramic parts comprises autoclaving a powdered ceramic composition to increase its hydrogen form contents to a concentration that serves to increase the composition's absorption of microwave energy during subsequent heating of the ceramic parts; coating the autoclaved ceramic c ...

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A hand truck which comprises the following essential elements:

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An intelligent input/output (I/O) temperature sensor includes a temperature sensing element which generates a plurality of digital data indicative of the temperature at the temperature sensing element, a processor directly coupled to the temperature sensing element which generates a plurality of com ...

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An electric iron has a soleplate with a front tip and at least one passage for a liquid stored in a liquid tank system for wetting an article to be ironed. The passage is arranged in the area of the front tip symmetrically to a central line which starting from the front tip divides the soleplate in ...

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A process is disclosed for operating a centrifuging unit with a centrifuging container, in particular a centrifuging bowl, for separating the components of a liquid, in particular blood, containing components with different specific weights. The centrifuging container has a separation chamber, a liq ...

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A method for the administration of glutathione orally comprising the administration of a bolus of glutathione which is pharmaceutically stabilized and encapsulated. The glutathione is administered on an empty stomach. The preferred stabilizer is ascorbic acid.