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A composite fiber of at least two different polymers, one of which is water-insoluble and selected from the group consisting of polyester, polyamide and copolymers therefrom and the other is water-dissipatable, having a plurality of at least 19 segments of the water-insoluble polymer, uniformly dist ...

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Coating Compositions are disclosed which may be ambient cured and are especially useful in refinish paint compositions. The Coating Compositions comprise at least one hydroxy functional resin, at least one isocyanate functional resin and a aldimine or ketimine.

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Water reducible coating compositions based on a thermoplastic polymer prepared by polymerizing one or more ethylenically unsaturated monomers in the presence of a water soluble fully reacted polyurethane. The resulting polymer can be coated from solution as a clear film, heat cured, air dried or cro ...

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Water-borne and solvent-borne storage stable polyurethane coatings having improved flexibility and solvent resistance are obtained from a hydroxyl-containing polyester based on dimer acid and a diisocyanate resin. These compositions are storage stable and when cured with an amine aldehyde resin form ...

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Improved phenolic-modified rosin ester resins are disclosed. The phenolic-modified rosin ester resins comprise the reaction product of substantially unsaturated rosins with a dienophile, a phenolic compound and a formaldehyde-containing compound, which product is then esterified. The resulting compo ...

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An aqueous ink composition of an oil-soluble dye in a latex is disclosed. The oil-soluble dye is dispersed in a fortified latex comprising a blend of a distinct dispersed phase in a distinct soluble polymer phase. The soluble polymer generally has a weight-average molecular weight of about 5,000 to ...

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An improved, stabilized container coating composition of an amine solubilized hydrosol resin solution of:

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A low-foaming resin-fortified latex comprising a dispersed acrylic polymer, polyelectrolyte resin and a non-ionic emulsifier with an HLB value of 13 or less.

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Novel reactive carbodiimide compounds and their method of preparation are disclosed. These reactive carbodiimide compounds are especially useful in automotive paint compositions and more particularly in low volatile organic content (VOC) automotive paint compositions.

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A continuous method for producing an aqueous dispersion of phthalocyanine blue pigment is disclosed. The method involves the following two steps: