Eric R Fossum, Sunetra Mendis, Sabrina E Kemeny: Active pixel sensor with intra-pixel charge transfer. California Institute of Technology, Michael L Keller, Robert M Wallace, November 28, 1995: US05471515 (732 worldwide citation)

An imaging device formed as a monolithic complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit in an industry standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor process, the integrated circuit including a focal plane array of pixel cells, each one of the cells including a photogate overlying the ...

Satoru Miwa: System for centralized management of medical data. Michael L Keller, James R Longacre, December 4, 1990: US04974607 (245 worldwide citation)

A system for centralized management of medical data regarding bio-body information detected from a patient by way of a telephone line to a data processing facility in a medical organization, in which a transmission section is attached to a patient and a receiving section connected on a wireless mode ...

Lawrence A Lynn: Intravenous line coupling device. James R Longacre, Michael L Keller, August 7, 1990: US04946445 (86 worldwide citation)

A medical intravenous line coupling device can be secured to standard "y" shaped junction tube. The device can comprise a single member which fits with the junction tube and has passages shaped to receive and secure with the junction arm. A "b" shaped slot can be provided in the member for that purp ...

Ronald T Logan Jr: High frequency source having heterodyned laser oscillators injection-locked to a mode-locked laser. California Institute of Technology, Michael L Keller, Robert M Wallace, January 3, 1995: US05379309 (79 worldwide citation)

Two independent laser oscillators are injection-locked to different optical modes of a mode-locked laser, then combined and detected to produce the heterodyne output signal in the microwave to submillimeter wave frequency band. Since the phase fluctuations of the mode-locked laser modes are highly c ...

Michael E Hoenk, Paula J Grunthaner, Frank J Grunthaner, Robert W Terhune, Michael H Hecht: Growth of delta-doped layers on silicon CCD/S for enhanced ultraviolet response. California Institute of Technology, Robert M Wallace, Michael L Keller, December 27, 1994: US05376810 (77 worldwide citation)

The backside surface potential well of a backside-illuminated CCD is confined to within about half a nanometer of the surface by using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to grow a delta-doped silicon layer on the back surface. Delta-doping in an MBE process is achieved by temporarily interrupting the evap ...

L Stephen Coles: Method for imaging informational biological molecules on a semiconductor substrate. California Institute of Technology, Robert M Wallace, Michael L Keller, May 24, 1994: US05314829 (70 worldwide citation)

Imaging biological molecules such as DNA at rates several times faster than conventional imaging techniques is carried out using a patterned silicon wafer having nano-machined grooves which hold individual molecular strands and periodically spaced unique bar codes permitting repeatably locating all ...

Jong Yih Day: Garbage container. Michael L Keller, February 26, 1991: US04996467 (57 worldwide citation)

A garbage container is disclosed, which will open automatically when a user is present in front of the container and will close after a predetermined time of the departure of the user. This garbage container comprises an infrared ray transmitter and an infrared ray receiver to detect the presence of ...

Charles Linder, Mordechai Perry, Mara Nemas, Reuven Katraro: Solvent stable membranes. Aligena, Michael L Keller, August 13, 1991: US05039421 (40 worldwide citation)

A composite membrane for separating at least one dissolved or suspended component from a liquid phase, and characterized by solvent stability, comprises:

Gregory T Shea: Blow-molded unitary thermoplastic threshold. Michael L Keller, May 7, 1991: US05012614 (27 worldwide citation)

The present invention is addressed to a thermoplastic threshold of unique configuration and which is manufactured by blow molding techniques. The novel thermoplastic threshold is hollow and sealed to the outside. It is of one-piece construction made by blow molding a parison of thermoplastic materia ...

Harold Kirkham: High speed polling protocol for multiple node network. California Institute of Technology, Robert M Wallace, Michael L Keller, May 16, 1995: US05416777 (26 worldwide citation)

The invention is a multiple interconnected network of intelligent message-repeating remote nodes which employs a remote node polling process performed by a master node by transmitting a polling message generically addressed to all remote nodes associated with the master node. Each remote node respon ...