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A system for separately storing and sterilely mixing a diluent and a medicament within a dual chambered flexible container for eventual use in an I.V. administration system. Mixing of the contents of the two chambers is accomplished by compressing the sides of the flexible container thus causing a w ...

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The disposable transducer includes a small housing constructed of lightweight plastic material. The housing is shaped so as to form a transparent chamber within which is situated a very small piezoresistive strain gauge in the form of a resistive bridge network diffused onto a semiconductor substrat ...

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The present invention relates to medical polymers and devices made therefrom, and is based on the discovery that certain carboxylate antimicrobial agents can be releasably incorporated into permeable polymers. The walls of medical devices such as catheters can be fashioned from such polymers. In use ...

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The invention is an integral container system designed for separately storing a liquid, such as a diluent, and a second substance, such as a medicament, and subsequently adding the second substance to the liquid in a simple and sterile operation. In one embodiment, a flexible I.V. bag is provided wi ...


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(S)-3-amino-4-[(S,S)-1-(1-hydroxyethyl)alkylamino]-4-oxo-butyric acid compounds are non-nutritive sweeteners having favorable chemical and physiological properties.

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A compound, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, having the formula: ##STR1## wherein X is ##STR2## wherein R is C.sub.3 -C.sub.12 alkyl or aralkyl, branched or unbranched, unsubstituted aryl, haloaryl, or C.sub.3 -C.sub.22 alkenyl, branched or unbranched; wherein R.sub.1 is H, OH or OCH.sub ...

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At least part of an antimicrobial catheter for use in humans and lower animals comprises a permeable polymer. The polymer must be in contact with both the environment external to the catheter and with a liquid reservoir of antimicrobial agent flowing through the lumen of the catheter, said liquid re ...

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Heavily perfumed detergent compositions having both immediate and long lasting perfume emitting properties are prepared by a process in which perfume is emulsified in a water solution of water-soluble polymer, and the emulsion is mixed with a powdered hydratable material, in such a ratio that all of ...

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An improved additive transfer device for storing and subsequently transferring a fluid material from an additive container to a rigid or semirigid solution container having an exposed closure. The improved additive transfer device is mounted on the additive container and includes a closure assembly ...