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Novel curable compositions based on carboxy/epoxy chemistry and cured coatings produced thereby are provided. The curable compositions employ 1,3,5-tris-(2-carboxyethyl)isocyanurate as the polybasic carboxylic acid crosslinker. The crosslinker is combined with a polyepoxide such as those obtained by ...

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Cobalt(II)-, nickel(II)-bearing aqueous solutions may be treated with an extractant comprising an organic-soluble phosphinic acid, or a salt thereof, to separate the cobalt(II) from the aqueous solution. Typical extraction techniques compatible with the instant process include liquid- liquid extract ...

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Aqueous solutions of polyacrylamides are acidified and then reacted with halogen gas or hypohalites to provide N-halogenated polymers. The product of the process are good wet strength additives for paper made from aqueous pulps of paper making fibers.

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A clear and stable concentrated liquid detergent composition which is effective especially for dishwashing in both hard and soft waters containing as active detergent component a mixture of:

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A process and apparatus for metal plating fibers in which an array of tensioning rollers and contact rollers insure a direct tight path for the fiber and facilitate rapid replacement of the contact rollers when necessary.

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A built detergent bar has its sogginess reduced by including from 1% to 40% of XHPO.sub.4, wherein X is calcium or magnesium. The presence of silicates assists the phosphate in its action.

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Free radical addition of two moles of 2,4,4'-trimethylpentene-1 to 2,4,4'-trimethylpentylphosphine followed by the oxidation of the 2,4,4'-trimethylpentylphosphine with two moles of hydrogen peroxide is employed to prepare 2,4,4'-trimethylpentylphosphinic acid. The 2,4,4'-trimethylpentylphosphinic a ...

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A synergistic stabilizer composition for polymers is described containing (i) a hydroxy-group containing triazine, and (ii) a 2,2,6,6-tetraalkyl piperidine compound. Also, described is a method of stabilizing polymers.

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A hard butter for confectionery use has an Iodine Value of at most 20, a maximum slip melting point of about 45.degree. C., a dilatation at 20.degree. C. of at least 900 and the combined fatty acid composition in random distribution of a blend of a lauric fat with a smaller amount of a non-lauric, C ...

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Liquid formulations for use in treating fabrics deposit a material providing a perceivable effect. The effect producing material is a component, in admixture with an organic matrix material and a cationic material, of a dispersed phase in an aqueous medium. The cationic material causes deposition of ...