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The present invention relates to electrodes having fibers which provide large surface areas, high bond strength between the core fibers and metallic coatings thereon, and efficient electrical connections; electro-chemical cells including such electrodes; and processes for forming and utilizing the e ...

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Electrically and/or thermally conductive reinforced compositions convertible to reinforced components are disclosed. The compositions comprise a polymeric material of little or no conductivity and high strength, metal plated composite fibers having a conductive semimetallic core and a thin, firmly a ...

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A fruit product having a texture which on eating is sensed as non-uniform like that of soft centered fruits such as gooseberries and cherries is prepared by a process in which fruit pulp or puree admixed with an alginate or pectate sol is brought into contact with a dissolved calcium ion so that par ...

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High strength composite fibers are disclosed comprising a core, e.g., of carbon or the like, and a thin and uniform, firmly adherent electrically conductive layer of an electrodepositable metal, e.g., of nickel or the like. The composite fiber can be produced by electrodeposition from an electrolyte ...

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Addition agents are blended with a modified tall oil pitch binder and briquetted, extruded, molded, pelletized, or tabletized into a unitary composition. This compacted composition is then fed into a metallurgical operation, such as steel-making, at an appropriate stage in the operation to effect a ...

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Elongated injection molding granules comprising fibers, which have a core and at least one relatively thick, uniform and firmly adherent, electrically conductive layer comprising on said core bonded with a thermally stable thermoplastic adhesive.

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Cobalt(II)-bearing aqueous solutions may be treated with an extractant comprising an organic-soluble phophinic acid, or a salt thereof, to separate the cobalt(II) from the aqueous solution. Typical extraction techniques compatible with the instant process include liquid-liquid extraction employing e ...

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Manganese ion-derived discolorations are removed from hard surfaces by the use of either dihydroxy maleic acid, dihydroxy tartaric acid, their alkali metal salts, or mixtures thereof.

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Novel polyfunctional maleimides as well as novel compositions based on mono- and polyfunctional maleimides are provided. Also provided are heat resistance resin compositions and curable compositions incorporating the same. The monofunctional maleimide is N-(2,3-dimethylphenyl)maleimide, and the poly ...

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Detergent compositions useful more particularly, but not exclusively, for dishwashing, comprising as active detergent ingredient a C.sub.10 -C.sub.18 secondary alkyl sulphate, said secondary alkyl sulphate containing up to 50% of 2/3 sulphate isomers and at least 40% of effective isomers selected fr ...