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An embodiment of a method of deploying a cable into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation comprises providing a cable, wherein the cable comprises at least one insulated conductor, at least one armor wire layer surrounding the insulated conductor, a polymeric material disposed in interstit ...

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Example methods and apparatus to determine phase-change pressures are disclosed. A disclosed example method includes capturing a fluid in a chamber, pressurizing the fluid at a plurality of pressures, measuring a plurality of transmittances of a signal through the fluid at respective ones of the plu ...

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A method of using jarring tool in a wellbore, where the jarring tool is electrically activated to apply an impact force transmitted to at least another tool in the well. The method may further comprise operating a hydraulic mechanism in response to electrical activation of the jarring tool to cause ...

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An electrical cable includes insulated primary conductors and at least one insulated secondary conductor, which extend along the cable. The primary conductors define interstitial spaces between adjacent primary conductors, and the primary conductors have approximately the same diameter. The primary ...

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Fluid diversion measurement systems and methods are described. One system includes a section of tubular having a main flow passage and a fluid diversion port, the section of tubular adapted to be either moving or stationary during a fluid diversion operation, at least two sensors in the section of t ...

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A component is deployed into a well on a carrier line that includes an electrical cable. A depth of the component in a well is determined using a time domain reflectometry technique.

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An embodiment of a blowout preventer system of the present invention includes a mast functionally connected a frame assembly and a carriage functionally connected to the mast. The carriage is adapted to carry and support a blowout preventer in a manner such that the blowout preventer may be moved al ...

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A fiber optic based logging assembly deliverable via coiled tubing. The downhole portion of the assembly is directed to develop a logging profile of a well by way of the fiber optic line. Thus, a downhole battery may be provided with the tool. Further, opto-electric interfaces may be provided with t ...

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A technique facilitates combined drilling and coiled tubing operations from a single bed of a rig. A mast is mounted to the bed, and a coiled tubing injector is connected to the mast. The coiled tubing injector is able to move coiled tubing into and out of a wellbore. A starter head also is mounted ...