Robert W White, David J Haas: Spring badge clip. Temtec, Michael E Zall, June 24, 1997: US05640742 (37 worldwide citation)

A one piece spring clip is provided which includes first and second relatively stiff elongate arms. Each arm has a gripping portion at one end and a jaw portion at an opposite end. A web interconnects the arms intermediate their ends, the web forming a pivot for the arms. A substantially U-shaped sp ...

Kenneth C Hou, Timothy J Webster: Filter media, method for oxidizing and removing soluble iron, method for removing and inactivating microorganisms, and particulate filter aid. AMF Incorporated, David E Dougherty, Michael E Zall, November 30, 1982: US04361486 (36 worldwide citation)

A filter media is provided which comprises an amount of particulate immobilized in a substantially inert porous matrix. A least a portion of the particulate surface has thereon a divalent metal peroxide. The metal peroxide is magnesium peroxide or calcium peroxide, preferably magnesium peroxide.

Charles R Carpenter, Robert H Dodge, Kenneth A Rosanoff: Inactivation of enzymes. AMF, David E Dougherty, Michael E Zall, November 20, 1984: US04483922 (36 worldwide citation)

A method for inactivating enzymes, particularly enzymes found in human serum. The method comprises reacting the enzyme in a suitable medium, e.g. human serum, with an inactivating amount of peracetic acid. In the preferred embodiment the treated serum is subsequently neutralized and dialyzed. Prefer ...

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A cationic charge modified microporous membrane comprising a hydrophilic organic polymeric microporous membrane and a cationic charge modifying agent bonded to substantially all of the wetted surfaces of the membrane, the charge modifying agent being an epichlorohydrin modified polyamide having tert ...

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A coating solution comprising trivalent chromium and one or more cations selected from the group consisting of manganese, bismuth, antimony tin, zinc and molybdenum is employed in a process wherein the solution is contacted with a metallic surface to form a corrosion resistant coating. The coating c ...

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Acid cleaning of aluminum surfaces is accomplished employing a composition comprising Hydrofluoric acid and Sulfuric acid. More specifically, this invention relates to a composition and method for treating aluminum containers at low temperatures.

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A chromatography column for effecting chromatographic separation of at least two components of a sample flowing through the column. The column comprises a housing and at least one solid stationary phase within the housing. The stationary phase has chromatographic functionality and is effective for c ...

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A heat transfer composition, consisting essentially of an epoxy resin, a high temperature curing agent therefor, nitrile rubber, polybutene, particulate heat transfer coefficient-increasing filler and a cold flow control agent such as asbestos.

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A growth factor containing serum is disclosed which is derived from natural bovine serum is disclosed which is by precipitating a first solids fraction from natural bovine serum by adding ammonium sulfate to about 25% saturation to give a first solids fraction and a first supernatant; separating the ...

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A cellulose-containing separation media for effecting separation of particulate and/or molecular components from a liquid, wherein the cellulose in the separation media is essentially free of non-specific pyrogenic activity as measured by the LAL test. The separation media include filtration media a ...