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A system, apparatus, and method for providing a distributed location based service system to a mobile user. Information related to a particular geographic location may be electronically transferred to a mobile electronic device, without a request from the user, and interpreted locally on the device ...

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A Web-based authentication system and method, the system comprising at least one Web client station, at least one Web server station and an authentication center. The Web client station is linked to a Web cloud, and provides selected biometric data of an individual who is using the Web client statio ...

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Cellular mobile radio systems provide full-duplex communication between base stations and mobile stations and with the fixed public service network. Also known are trunked mobile radio systems wherein a group of mobile users can exchange information with each other in the half-duplex mode over a com ...

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Doped encapsulated semiconductor nanoparticles of a size (<100 .ANG.) which exhibit quantum effects. The nanoparticles are precipitated and coated with a surfactant by precipitation in an organometallic reaction. The luminescence of the particles may be increased by a further UV curing step.

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In the manufacture of a large-area electronic device such as a large-area liquid-crystal display device with thin-film address and drive circuitry, a plasma treatment is carried out on a device substrate (4) which is mounted on a supporting electrode (11) facing a perforated gas-feeding electrode (1 ...

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During recording of an MPEG information signal on a record carrier (40), transport packets (P.sub.k) are stored in signal blocks in a track (1) on the record carrier (40). x transport packets of the MPEG information signal are stored in the second block sections (SB) of y signal blocks, where x and ...

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A method of providing an ultra-thin (<1 nm) silicon-oxide layer on a substrate surface, for example, of a metal. A film of a solution of a polyorganosiloxane is applied to the substrate surface. After drying, the polyorganosiloxane is completely converted to said silicon-oxide layer by means of an U ...

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Meta-information, such as a digital watermark, that is associated with a document is encoded by using characters, or sequences of characters, that are “invisible” when rendered. Characters such as spaces, tabs, carriage returns, backspaces, line feeds, and so on are used to encode the watermark. The ...

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Digital processing of current signals allows close matching of arbitrary time delay curves for a circuit breaker. An analog signal proportional to the current is sampled and digitized. Digital samples, with or without further processing, are used to select increment values from a look-up table for a ...

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A device for determining the spatial position of a sensor element (3) which is spatially displaceable relative to a reference element (1), includes three coils (4, 5, 6) which are arranged in the sensor element (3), consist of at least one wire turn, and are wound about a common center (7), at least ...