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A method is disclosed for recovering carbonaceous material from a subterranean deposit such as oil shale. A first zone of the subterranean deposit is heated to liquefy and vaporize carbonaceous materials contained therein. A substantial portion of the carbonaceous materials are removed from this fir ...

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A thermal method is disclosed for recovering normally immobile oil from a tar sand deposit. Two wells are drilled into the deposit, one for injection of heated fluid and one for production of liquids. Thermal communication is established between the wells. The wells are operated such that heated mob ...

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A method of forming a gravel pack in a wellbore is disclosed which involves disposing a pipe adjacent the incompetent formation, depositing gravel around the pipe, consolidating the resulting gravel bed using a suitable resinous material, and removing the pipe to leave a high permeability, high stre ...

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A method for recovering oil from a subterranean formation is disclosed wherein a novel solution is injected into and driven through the formation. The solution contains an effective amount of surface-active agent having the general formula

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A process for the in situ recovery of viscous oil from a subterranean formation is disclosed. Steam is injected into the formation via a well, permitted to soak, and heated fluids including heated viscous oil are produced sufficient to create a substantial fluid mobility in the formation. Then a hyd ...

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A marine drilling riser is provided with a plurality of buoyancy cans having fail safe dump valves operative to vent compressed gas from the buoyancy cans and thereby cause rapid loss of buoyancy.

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Normally immobile mineral values are recovered from a subterranean formation by penetrating the formation with an access shaft and drilling two radial arrays of substantially horizontal wells out into the formation from the shaft, one array of wells being substantially shorter than the other array. ...

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Flow channels behind the casing in a well are plugged by detecting a circumferential temperature anomaly on the casing, perforating in the direction of such anomaly, and introducing cement into the perforations. The apparatus for locating and perforating into a flow channel includes a sensitive temp ...

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An insulated electric conductor employed in a tubular drill string to transmit electric energy between subsurface and surface locations is arranged within the drill string in a convoluted configuration to provide an excess length of conductor. The convoluted conductor is prevented from entangling du ...