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An asset location system comprising a plurality of location tags, each having: a location tag transmitter for controlled range transmission of a location identifier; a plurality of asset tags, each being affixed to an asset and each having: a receiver for receiving a location identifier from any of ...

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A collapsible utility trailer having a trailer bed, a trailer frame, a front pair of wheels and a rear pair of wheels. The trailer bed has at least two bed sections and each of the bed sections has a length and a width. The trailer frame has a plurality of frame sections and each of the trailer fram ...

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An overshoe that is removably disposable on a user's shoe and provides a tread surface that enhances the user's footing on slippery surfaces. The tread surface has removable spikes that penetrate surfaces and forward-oriented and rearwards-oriented gripping ridges that grip the surface. The ease of ...

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A method of treating a facet joint of a patient. The facet joint includes a superior articular face and an inferior articular face. An implant is secured to an implant insertion tool by mating a first engagement feature on the implant with a second engagement feature on the implant insertion tool. A ...

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A method of cutting tissue between a first bone and a second bone. An aperture is formed through the first bone. The aperture has a radius. An undercutting system is provided. The undercutting system includes a cutter. The undercutting system is extended into the aperture. The cutter is moved with r ...

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A dumping cart having an article retaining bed, a chassis, a front set of wheels, a rear set of wheels, and a mechanism for pulling. The article retaining bed has a front end, a rear end, a pair of sides that each extend between the front end and the rear end. The front set of wheels is operably att ...

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An isometric exercise device including a stretchable member and a vibratory portion. The isometric exercise device enables a person to perform an isometric exercise using the stretchable member while the vibratory portion generates vibratory pulses that are useful in providing a massaging action to ...

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A trailer for transporting cylindrical bales comprises a pair of rails and a conveyor chain located between and below the rails such that a bale is maintained in position on the conveyor chain by the rails. The load engaging face of the conveyor chain comprises a plurality of resilient pads having a ...

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An apparatus for disintegrating bales of agricultural materials such as hay. The apparatus includes a processing tub and is provided with a novel adjustable fork-lift adapted to raise bales of different size and configuration into the processing tub.

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A ladder having a first ladder section, a second ladder section, an adjustable hinge mechanism, an engagement indicator and a static hinge mechanism. The adjustable hinge mechanism is mounted with respect to the first ladder and the second ladder so that the adjustable hinge mechanism is moveable be ...