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An apparatus and method for delivering a drug selectively and locally to internal body tissue with a catheter using electric current/voltage controlled in conjunction with active pacing of cardiac activity.

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A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing computerized management of multimedia assets of various types, including image, video, audio, text, and program code media types, is disclosed. Multimedia assets are checked into a computer system along with specified characteristics and ...

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An apparatus for delivering an agent to a treatment area. The apparatus includes a catheter that has a distal portion and a proximal portion. The catheter defines a lumen. A pressure regulator is in fluid communication with the lumen. A selectively inflatable member is also in fluid communication wi ...

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A system for interpreting the requests and performance of a vocal soloist, stated in the parlance of the musician and within the context of a specific published edition of music the soloist is using, to control the performance of a digitized musical accompaniment. Sound events and their associated a ...

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The invention includes a vaccine and sera for treatment of Mystery Swine Disease (MSD), a method for producing the vaccine, methods for diagnosis of MSD, a viral agent that will mimic "mystery swine disease" and antibodies to the viral agent useful in diagnosis and treatment of MSD. The serum contai ...

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The present invention relates to a process for producing crystallographic oriented oxide thin films having an NaCl-type structure, a spinel structure or a Wurtzite structure used as a buffer layer to obtain a functional oxide thin film such as a superconductive oxide thin film and a ferroelectric th ...

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The invention relates to a filter device for extruders and injection-molding machines, the screen elements being formed by a candle filter and, if required, by a plurality of candle filters, which are arranged in the circumferential direction on the screen plunger, extending parallel to the longitud ...

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A light guide 1 is provided at the reverse side thereof with triangular uneven surfaces 1b at a predetermined pitch. The uneven surfaces 1b are integrally formed with the light guide 1 when the latter 1 is injection-molded. Incident light from a light incident plane is caused to be totally reflected ...

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Novel varieties of Poa annua that are perennial and have characteristics desired for a turfgrass, including dark green color, vigor, disease resistance, and restricted flowering.