Michael Barrington Wood
Mark Joseph Pivac, Michael Barrington Wood: Automated brick laying system for constructing a building from a plurality of bricks. Gold Wing Nominees, Merchant & Gould PC, February 12, 2009: US20090038258-A1

An automated brick laying system (10) for constructing a building from a plurality of bricks (16) comprises a robot (12) provided with a brick laying and adhesive applying head (18), a measuring system (13), and a controller (14) that provides control data to the robot (12) to lay the bricks (16) at ...

Thomas Tinucci, Wayne Giesen: Termination panel with pivoting bulkhead and cable management. ADC Telecommunications, Merchant & Gould PC, February 1, 2005: US06850685 (283 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a module for terminating and connecting optical fiber telecommunications cables including connection locations located on a bulkhead pivotably mounted to an open front of a housing. The bulkhead also includes a cable management structure which moves with the bulkhead ...

Gert Blankenstein: Micro-flow system for particle separation and analysis. Scandinanian Micro Biodevices, Merchant & Gould PC, August 13, 2002: US06432630 (236 worldwide citation)

A micro flow system is provided for separating particles, comprising a microfabricated member having a flow channel (

Bruce Willard Hultgren: Dental scanning method and apparatus. Iris Development Corporation, Merchant & Gould PC, April 17, 2001: US06217334 (214 worldwide citation)

A dental and soft tissue scanning method and system is disclosed which uses fast laser line scanning techniques of negative image impressions, whereby an array of electronic data is generated. In operation the array of negative image scan data is generated by a scanner

Daniel Ray Mertesdorf, Clinton M Knudsen, Michael J Follingstad, David Anthony Durand: Fiber containment system. ADC Telecommunications, Merchant & Gould PC, March 22, 2005: US06870734 (181 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a telecommunications termination panel with a housing including a front opening and a rear opening. Pivotably mounted within the housing is a tray within the front opening, pivoting about a vertical axis located adjacent a first side of the housing. A cable path is d ...

James J Solheid, Patrick J Thompson: Cable guide for fiber termination block. ADC Telecommunications, Merchant & Gould PC, March 11, 2003: US06532332 (154 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the management of cross-connect cables extending from fiber termination blocks with sliding fiber adaptor modules within a fiber distribution frame. A cable management divider is mounted onto a set of arcuate cable guides to direct the cables extending across the cab ...

Ronald James Scherer, David M LaCroix: Block splitter assembly. Anchor Wall Systems, Merchant & Gould PC, November 27, 2001: US06321740 (151 worldwide citation)

The invention is a block splitting machine which uses an assortment of protrusions to supplement or replace the action of the splitting blade in splitting and dressing masonry block.

John C Vanden Hoek, Jody L Rivers: Delivery of cardiac constraint jacket. Acorn Cardiovascular, Merchant & Gould PC, September 25, 2001: US06293906 (140 worldwide citation)

A cardiac constraint jacket is formed of flexible material defining a volume between an open upper end and a lower end. The jacket is dimensioned for an apex of a patient's heart to be inserted into the volume through the open upper end and for the jacket to be slipped over the heart. A deliver ...

Brian Baker: Process and streaming server for encrypting a data stream. Widevine Technologies, John W Branch, Merchant & Gould PC, September 10, 2002: US06449719 (131 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a process for encrypting a data stream to secure the data stream for single viewing and to protect copyrights of the data stream. Specifically, there is disclosed a process for protecting streaming multimedia, entertainment and communications in an Internet type transmission. Ther ...

David A Hanson, Ross A Longhini, Steven J Seme: Bone preparation instruments and methods. Sulzer Spine Tech, Merchant & Gould PC, October 21, 2003: US06635060 (123 worldwide citation)

Instruments and methods for preparing adjacent bones for fusion, and for inserting implants are disclosed. In one embodiment, the instruments include paddles for spacing the adjacent bones a predetermined distance and a cutting edge to create a channel between the adjacent bones to receive a fusion ...