Kevin M McGuire, Rush Taggart: Token-based payment processing system. Princeton Payment Solutions, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, Kevin M Drucker Esquire, November 12, 2013: US08584251 (48 worldwide citation)

A data-processing system, such as a payment processing system, including a tokenizer, such as a card encryption and storage system (CES) employing a tokenization feature. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a first-computer-implemented method for preventing the transmission of confiden ...

Rafael Carmon, Simon Issakov: MAC-HS processing in an HSDPA-compatible receiver in a 3G wireless network. Agere Systems, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, Edward J Meisarosh, Steve Mendelsohn, February 25, 2014: US08660145 (7 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a method for processing a series of MAC-hs protocol data units (PDUs) in an HSDPA-compatible (high-speed downlink packet access) receiver in a 3G wireless communication network, the method including: (a) receiving a MAC-hs PDU having: (i) a queue identification (QID), (ii) a trans ...

Wan Y Shih, Wei Heng Shih, Zuyan Shen, Qing Zhu: Piezoelectric microcantilevers and uses in atomic force microscopy. Drexel University, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, October 14, 2014: US08857248 (6 worldwide citation)

The invention is direct to a piezoelectric microcantilever for static contact and dynamic noncontact atomic force microscopy which may be carried out in solution. The piezoelectric microcantilever, which includes a piezoelectric layer and a non-piezoelectric layer is capable of self actuation and de ...

Abhishek Duggal: Bootstrap switch circuit with over-voltage prevention. LSI Corporation, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, Steve Mendelsohn, September 3, 2013: US08525574 (6 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a bootstrap switch circuit has (i) a switch device that selectively provides a input signal as an output signal and bootstrap circuitry that provides a relatively high-voltage control signal to the gate of the switch device to turn on the switch device while preventing any over-vo ...

Eduard Papa, Vladimir Nestoyanov: Physical health application and method for implementation. Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, December 8, 2015: US09207830 (6 worldwide citation)

A physical health application is accessible via a computer network. The application has a dynamic user interface with an interactive chart. The interactive chart displays a physical parameter over time. The interactive chart is adapted to set a physical progress goals.

Frampton E Ellis: Footwear devices with an outer bladder and a foamed plastic internal structure separated by an internal flexibility sipe. Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, October 22, 2013: US08561323 (5 worldwide citation)

A footwear or orthotic sole including an outer sole and a footwear or orthotic device that includes a bladder having an uppermost surface being curved concavely relative to an intended wearer's foot location and interconnected internal structure formed by a foamed plastic, a plastic composite and/or ...

Nils Graef: Low-latency decoder. Agere Systems, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, Craig M Brown, Steve Mendelsohn, November 5, 2013: US08578256 (5 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a signal-processing receiver has an upstream processor and a low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder for decoding LDPC-encoded codewords. The upstream processor generates a soft-output value for each bit of the received codewords. The LDPC decoder is implemented to process the sof ...

Sorin Siegler, Mary Milone, Yoganand Ghati: Cervical spine protection apparatus and methods of use. Drexal University, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, September 10, 2013: US08528113 (4 worldwide citation)

A cervical spine protection apparatus one or more composite bands attached to provide restraint of one or more motions of the cervical spine of a wearer. The apparatus is designed to protect a wearer from incurring cervical spinal injuries, and/or to reduce the severity of cervical spine injuries wi ...

Jack Zylkin: Die for use in game play. Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, October 13, 2015: US09155958 (4 worldwide citation)

A die having at least two variable qualities that convey information for use in game play, wherein the variable qualities randomly change independently of one another upon rolling the die. Therefore, multiple independent random outcomes are produced each roll of the die. Preferably, at least one of ...

Jay M Short, Hwai Wen Chang, Gerhard Frey: Mirac proteins. BioAtla, Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, April 29, 2014: US08709755 (4 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a method of generating conditionally active biologic proteins from wild type proteins, in particular therapeutic proteins, which are reversibly or irreversibly inactivated at the wild type normal physiological conditions. For example, evolved proteins are virtually inactiv ...

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