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The present invention relates to a method and a system for enabling an authorized user of the system to automatically apply customized rating adjustments to transaction charges. To this end, a structure is employed for supplying to a central processor information identifying criteria for rating and ...

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A system and method of managing multiple users of an open metering system, wherein the users have different access privileges, includes the steps of providing a user password system for vault access; programing the vault with a plurality of transition states operatively relating to the user password ...

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Indicia having an encrypted number that is stamped upon a mail piece representative of postage so as to provide a code for authentication of such postage.

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A nonvolatile memory bank of an electronic memory and retrieval system is partitioned into at least three memory blocks, each block capable of storing an accounting program. The accounting program data is stored in duplicate with one copy of the data in one memory block and a second copy of the data ...

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A postal indicia is disclosed that contains markings thereon which may be used to distinguish between availability or non availability of additional security and sorting information. The foregoing will make the handling of the mail faster and more efficient. The ink that is used to print portions of ...

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A system and method for optimizing mail delivery of batch mail. A network is established interconnecting plural batch mailers, a data center, and the Postal Service. Mail data on the mail batches is transmitted to the data center. This enables the data center to generate data to the mailers for merg ...

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A method of selectively setting the print cycle speed of a thermal printing apparatus such as a thermal postage meter. The thermal postage meter has a thermal print head and an optical reader under the control of a micro controller for printing an image on a sheet like material comprising the steps ...

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A value printing system is disclosed which provides for storing the indicia to be printed within a secure vault module. The vault module also provides for securely maintaining the system accounting data. Coupled to the vault module is a host module which in turn is coupled to a printer module, where ...

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Inks have been discovered that are selectively excitable by different wavelengths of incident radiation. This allows a lower layer bar code to be written on an object with an invisible ink and an upper layer bar code to be written over the lower layer bar code with an ink that is invisible to the na ...

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A system is shown and described wherein a portable printer is used to produce tags for attachment to mail trays. The printer is uploaded with plans that are the same as sort plans stored in the memory of a sorting machine with which the printer is to be used. The same sort plan that is selected for ...