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A process for time-stamping a digital document is provided. The process provides a certificate which not only allows for the authentication of a document at a later time but which includes a name or nickname which allows for the unique identification of the document at a later time. The name or nick ...

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A microprobe comprises a base, a microcantilever extending in a plane from the base, and a probe tip projecting from the microcantilever out of the plane. The microcantilever is a bimorph structure comprising first and second layers made from materials having different coefficients of thermal expans ...

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A communication method enables a plurality of remote locations to transmit data to a central location. The remote locations simultaneously share a channel and there is a high degree of immunity to channel impairments. At each remote location, data to be transmitted is coded by translating each group ...

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A network security device is connected between a protected client and a network. The network security device negotiates a session key with any other protected client. Then, all communications between the two clients are encrypted. The inventive device is self-configuring and locks itself to the IP a ...

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A local area network for supporting video applications comprises a transmission medium, one or more data file servers connected to the transmission medium for supporting data applications in the local area network, a dedicated video server for supporting video applications in the local area network ...

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In a method for payment for services and/or goods, an apparatus with a data terminal device for reading and changing an amount value in a credit balance carrier and a security module provided with a first memory area and a second memory area is used, which is connected to the data terminal device vi ...

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A self-aligned contact process for making an MOS device results in an MOS device with a small and repeatable interconnect size, repeatable interconnect resistance, and reduced source/drain junction capacitance.

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A drill guide is disclosed including a sleeve mounted on a handle. The sleeve of the drill guide has a bore which is dimensioned for slidably receiving a bit sizing ferrule therein. The bit sizing ferrule has a sized bore for demountably inserting a drill bit or other instrument therein having a par ...

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This patent discloses a split-gate flash memory cell having a vertical isolation gate and a process for making it. The inventive cell has better control and a denser memory array than conventional cells. By use of a vertical isolation gate a smaller cell size is obtained. The memory cell has a float ...

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Methods and apparatus for processing cells in an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) communication system. An ATM cell processor implements a "bubble" count technique which efficiently accommodates multiple layers of scheduling requests and/or external cell sources. In the case of multiple layers of sc ...