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A calculator having constant memory utilizing a classical CMOS metal gate process, a low power microcomputer with on-chip and external constant memory capability, and multiple partition power control of circuit groups. Incorporation of a first and second switched negative voltage and a non-switched ...

Charles T Hemphill, Frank Vlach: System and method for parsing natural language by unifying lexical features of words. Texas Instruments Incorporated, L Joy Griebenow, James T Comfort, Mel Sharp, January 21, 1992: US05083268 (129 worldwide citation)

A method for parsing for natural languages includes a grammar and a lexicon. A knowledge base may be used to define elements in the lexicon. A processor receives single words input by a user and adds them to a sentence under construction. Valid next words are predicted after each received input word ...

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The projection display of the present invention employs a light source, a spatial light modulator such as a deformable mirror device having a plurality of individually electrically deformable mirror cells and Schlierin optics to project light from deformed mirror cells onto a viewing screen. An opti ...

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A wafer process flow encompasses an arbitray repeated layered structure of heteroepitaxial layers of silicon based films with process control throughout the strata of chemical potential and recombination velocity, suitable for both high performance MOS and bipolar transistors with three dimensional ...

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A data processing system having separate read-only memory and read-write memory integrated circuits coupled to a central processing unit via the same interface system. The data processing system is comprised of bus means having either command, address, or data signals present and conducted thereon. ...

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A direct AC converter for converting a polyphase AC input supply into an output DC or single or polyphase AC supply of amplitude, phase, frequency or power factor which is different from the input supply using a matrix of bidirectional switches having contiguous width modulated conduction periods in ...

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A semiconductor circuit apparatus including several semiconductor substrates interconnected by having elevated portions of one substrate contacting the surface of the second substrate where both substrates include at least one electrical circuit. Also included is a method for forming this three dime ...

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A monolithic charge-coupled infrared imaging device (CCIRID) is fabricated on N-type HgCdTe. A native oxide layer on the semiconductor is used, in combination with ZnS to provide first level insulation. An opaque field plate over first level insulation is provided for signal channel definition. Seco ...

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The disclosure relates to a method for realizing a fully functional buried level of interconnect using only a single level of a silicide over N+ polycrystalline silicon, the latter serving as the gate material for both the N channel and P channel devices formed.

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A local interconnect system for VLSI integrated circuits. During self-aligned silicidation of exposed moat and gate regions in a nitrogen atmosphere, a conductive titanium nitride layer is formed overall. A second titanium layer is then deposited overall and again reacted, to thicken the nitride lay ...