Earl F Barrick: Fluoroscopic image guided orthopaedic surgery system with intraoperative registration. James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, June 30, 1998: US05772594 (336 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an improved system for allowing an orthopaedic surgeon to safely determine the precise trajectory of insertion of a guide pin or screw into an object bone and to check the accuracy of the procedure using real time feedback. The system uses a C-arm fluoroscope in conjunction ...

James E Ross Jr, William J Lynch: Medical records, documentation, tracking and order entry system. RLIS, James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, October 20, 1998: US05823948 (309 worldwide citation)

The new system provides: automatic incorporation of dictated text; medical records summary generation in medical English text; parsing dictation to data; prephrased text; automatic generation of medical record as consequence of data entry; automatic notation of allergies, significant medical conditi ...

Robert G Hockaday: Surface replica fuel cell for micro fuel cell electrical power pack. James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, June 2, 1998: US05759712 (177 worldwide citation)

A miniature fuel cell system uses porous plastic membranes as substrates of fuel cells. A cost effective pore-free electrode or inter electrolyte foil that is permeable only to hydrogen as an ion. The new electrode makes direct alcohol fuel cells efficient. It blocks the poisoning alcohol diffusion ...

Robert G Hockaday: Micro-fuel cell power devices. Manhattan Scientifics, James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, December 4, 2001: US06326097 (134 worldwide citation)

Coupling miniature liquid fueled fuel cells with portable electrical devices, with or without rechargeable batteries, lead to new appliance configurations: charging holster, piggyback charger, fuel cell integral with rechargeable battery, fuel cell with voltage regulating electronics, supplying fuel ...

Leonard Kleinrock, Joel E Short: Convention ID badge system. Nomadix, James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, August 10, 1999: US05936542 (125 worldwide citation)

A convention ID badge system which provides a trade-show badging system for two-way data exchange. It uses a floppy disk as an ID badge and stores exhibitor's data on the ID badge. A user takes home an electronic record of the event, electronically stores all the brochures onto the diskette and comp ...

Robert G Hockaday, Patrick S Turner, Marc D DeJohn, Carlos J Navas, Heathcliff L Vaz, L Luke Vazul: Portable chemical hydrogen hydride system. Manhattan Scientifics, James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, April 8, 2003: US06544400 (93 worldwide citation)

A hydrogen source system delivers a controlled fuel stream to applications, using wicking to control the contact between a mixture of NaBH

Patrick K Sullivan: Passive apnea monitor. Ocean Laboratories, James Creigton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, April 23, 2002: US06375621 (92 worldwide citation)

The instrument monitors the acoustic and electromechanical signals of the patient and calculates an energy spectrum periodogram or histogram using time series analysis techniques. The patient lies down on a large piezoelectric film (few microns thick) that has the capability of measuring signals fro ...

Bruce L Thomas, Henry M Bass, Lloyd K Loftus, Russell J Churchill: Laser aligned five-axis position measurement device. American Research Corporation of Virginbia, James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, August 25, 1998: US05798828 (78 worldwide citation)

A laser-based multi-axis position measurement unit measures position deviations in 5 axes while traversing a 6th linear axis. The apparatus includes three components: 1) a laser-beam unit which emits two parallel laser beams; 2) a sensor unit including at least three laser-position sensors, one of t ...

Henrik Stiesdal, Peter Rasmussen: Generator for a windmill, stator module for use in such a generator and use of such a generator. Bonus Enegy, James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, August 24, 2004: US06781276 (74 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a generator for a windmill. The generator is of the kind being directly coupled to the main shaft of the wind rotor of the windmill. The generator is a stator consisting of a number of stator modules that are individual and which may be installed, repaired and dismantled indiv ...

Frederick A Hauber: Mixed optics intraocular achromatic lens. James Creighton Wray, Meera P Narasimhan, April 20, 1999: US05895422 (72 worldwide citation)

Achromatic intraocular curved lenses have high order binary optic multiple level patterns for binary diffraction of light for correcting for chromatic aberration, making thin, lightweight, intraocular lenses that may be readily positioned in an eye, and that may bend and redirect light ray wavefront ...