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Power generation systems and methods are provided with features directed to various innovations including ones relating to the conversion of concentrated solar and biomass energy to electricity, load-shifting of electrical power supply systems, gas turbine devices and cycles, and power plant control ...

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A user interface for viewing reference data associated with a conceptual entity and for execution of one or more complex processes for manipulating the data includes a process panel having one or more on-screen objects for the execution of the complex processes and a process work area for displaying ...

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Pivoting helmet mounts for an optical device are provided. In one aspect, a breakaway connector which is selectively configurable between breakaway and nonbreakaway configurations is provided. In a further aspect, a strap mount system for securing the helmet mount to the helmet employs a rotating ra ...

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A bedding article includes a bottom panel and a top panel for receiving a baby. A plurality of fasteners secure the top and bottom panels and define a openings for receiving the lower torso and legs of the baby. A plurality of fasteners are spaced about the periphery of the bottom panel to releasabl ...

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Integrated polymeric-ceramic membrane-based oxy-fuel combustor. The combustor includes a polymer membrane structure for receiving air at an input and for delivering oxygen-enriched air at an outlet. An oxygen transport reactor including a ceramic ion transport membrane receives the oxygen-enriched a ...

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The present invention is a cart that facilitates the unloading and loading of a toolbox from a vehicle used to transport the toolbox from one jobsite to another. Fundamentally, the cart comprises a support frame, with u-shaped wheel channels atop the frame, and wheel channel ramps pivotally connecte ...

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An improved plastic, e.g., vinyl, window construction includes an exterior casing rigidly mounted to a window frame and which may advantageously be preattached to the window frame, allowing the window construction to be installed as a single unit. The exterior casing may include an exterior sill and ...

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An armor panel system has a projectile-deflecting section having an outwardly facing surface. The projectile-deflecting section is formed of a material arranged in parallel layers, the layers arranged at a non-parallel angle to the outer surface. The non-parallel angles deflect or rotate an incoming ...

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The present invention offers an alternative method of tuning a meander line antenna. A layer of PN semiconductor material is inserted between a ground plane and a base element. A dc voltage is applied between the ground plane and the base element. A change in capacitance between the ground plane and ...

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A platinum alloy catalyst is made by a microemulsion method. The resulting catalyst has superior properties for use in low and medium temperature fuel cells.