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The present invention provides a reflective type liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof, by which resolution is enhanced in a manner of representing two colors from one sub-pixel. The present invention includes a first substrate having a plurality of thin film transistors and a ...

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A multi-utility energy control system has control center computer(s) connected to various utility consuming systems and software that formats pertinent systems' energy data, stores, retrieves, diagnoses and acts in response to changes and includes a multi-utility master meter device and a plurality ...

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A structure for mounting a flat panel display module constituting a screen display device of a portable computer system wherein the weight and a thickness of a display device are reduced. For example, the structure for mounting a flat panel display includes a display module having a flat panel displ ...

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A driving apparatus for an electro luminescence panel that is capable of preventing deterioration of a picture quality according to the present invention includes a power supply VDD for supplying power source to the electro luminescence cell OLED, a first TFT connected between the power supply and t ...

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A pen-type optical mouse device indicates a cursor position or inputs writing or a movement of the pen-type optical mouse. An aspect of the pen-type optical mouse is to calculate coordinate values of the mouse device in accordance with a movement of the pen-type optical mouse device. The pen-type op ...

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A method of fabricating semiconductor devices, such as GaN LEDs, on insulating substrates, such as sapphire. Semiconductor layers are produced on the insulating substrate using normal semiconductor processing techniques. Trenches that define the boundaries of the individual devices are then formed t ...

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A method of transmitting a signal from a base station to a user equipment in a multi-node system is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of allocating a resource of a certain zone to each of nodes in accordance with a radio resource multiplexing scheme; and transmitting the signal to the user e ...

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A lighting control system for managing utility operation parameters, including a ballast control module configured to communicate with a lighting ballast; a data processing module connected to the at least one ballast control module via a wireless communications link; and a wireless internet control ...

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A device for matching an antenna impedance in a portable radio telephone having transmission and receiving circuits, a foldable casing enclosing the radio, the foldable casing movable between an unfolded position and a folded position, an antenna movable between an extracted position from the foldab ...

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This invention describes a method for pumping or delivering fluids utilizing a flexible vessel subject to controlled pressures within another pressure vessel. The pressure vessel can be sourced with positive and/or negative (e.g., vacuum) pressure.