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A verification system for still images that embeds a watermark so that no visual artifacts are created in the images and thus maintains the visual quality of the image. The algorithm embeds information in an uncompressed image so as to later detect the alteration of the image, as well as the locatio ...

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Method suitable for optimizing an operation of a self-guided vehicle. The method includes steps for incorporating a self-guided capability as part of the operation of the vehicle, the operation further including a mapping technique for soliciting information required for vehicle motion from a first ...

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A surgical instrument valve assembly is provided with a valve seal where the upper portion of the valve seal is rigidly mounted to the body of the valve assembly. The lower portion of the valve seal is configured to allow some radial movement while the upper portion of the valve seal remains rigidly ...

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A signer uses an undeniable signature scheme to sign his public key to thereby create an “undeniable certificate” which can be used to verify the signer's digital signature on any message signed using the signer's corresponding private key. Hence, once the undeniable certificate is receive ...

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A system and method lets a user create or import ontologies and create databases and related application software. These databases can be specially tuned to suit a particular need, and each comes with the same error-detection rules to keep the data clean. Such databases may be searched based on mean ...

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A firearms safety device in the form of remotely armed ammunition includes a firearms cartridge for use in a use with a conventional firearm having a trigger-actuated hammer with a firing pin. The cartridge includes a firing circuit that is operatively associated with a primer for igniting a convent ...

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In a channel selection method for a radio communication system constituted by a plurality of radio stations, each radio station transmits a control signal only when required, but need not constantly transmit a control signal.

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A soft-switched single-phase quasi-single-stage (QSS) bi-directional inverter/charger converts AC-DC or DC-AC. The inverter/charger comprises a push-pull inverter/rectifier on the dc-side, an isolation transformer which provides ohmic isolation and voltage scaling, two full-bridges on the ac side in ...

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A black matrix and a color filter are formed on a substrate, a indium-tin-oxide (ITO) common electrode are deposited thereon and then protrusion pattern made of sensitive material such as photoresist are formed on the common electrode with 3 to 20 micron width. A vertical alignment layer is coated t ...

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Saw-shaped protrusions, which are parallel to each other, are formed on the common electrode and the pixel electrode in two substrates. Protrusions in two substrates are arranged alternately and the bent portions of the saw-shaped protrusions are placed on the line transverse passing through the cen ...