Jurgen Dethloff: Identification system safeguarded against misuse. McGlew and Tuttle, August 8, 1978: US04105156 (171 worldwide citation)

An identification card with interior circuits, including memory means, for use in a credit or identification system, into which the user enters a "secret" number and then the input gate to that part of the memory means is destroyed for security purposes.


Zimmer Hildebrand: Cryoprobe and flexible connector therefor. Dragerwerk, McGlew and Tuttle, October 7, 1975: US3910277 (168 worldwide citation)

A heat insulated flexible connection for a cryoprobe comprises an inner tube for the passage of a cooling medium which is advantageously flexible and arranged within an outer tube portion defining a return flow space for the cooling medium and held in position by axially arranged spacers. The outer ...

Ilan Carmi: Security system for a network concentrator. Chipcom Corporation, McGlew and Tuttle, May 10, 1994: US05311593 (166 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for providing secure communication on open networks. Each port of the network is provided with a security entity which monitors the communication between one port to the other. End stations connected to the ports communicate with other end stations by transmitting data to the ...

Georg Boerger, Gotz Romahn: Communication system for videoconferencing. Heinrich Hertz Institut fur Nachrichtentechnik Berlin, McGlew and Tuttle, March 17, 1987: US04650929 (157 worldwide citation)

A system for videoconferencing saves travel time and money. To enable participants to see each other continually and simultaneously, and to show documents and objects, equipment is needed, the costs of which vary with the number of locations to be interconnected, and with measures taken for reducing ...

Shikaya Yukihiro: Method of making liquid-tight cup. Dai Nippon Insatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, McGlew and Tuttle, September 30, 1975: US3908523 (150 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a liquid-tight up comprising a cup-like body and a sheet member disposed around the peripheral surface of the cup-like body, with the sheet member being corrugated to provide a plurality of concavo-convex flutes, whereby air compartments are provided between the peripheral surfac ...

Gary D Lorenz: Virtual local area network memory access system. 3Com Corporation, McGlew and Tuttle P C, April 6, 1999: US05892922 (149 worldwide citation)

A VLAN memory access system to provide VLAN address table look-ups with the ability to simultaneously do processor read cycles or processor write cycles to the same memory structure with anatomical accesses. The system encompasses the interaction between a memory look-up table that stores the slot a ...

Edmund Zottnik: Accident data recorder. Licentia Patent Verwaltungs, McGlew and Tuttle, January 20, 1987: US04638289 (149 worldwide citation)

An accident data recorder for short-time recordation and storage of data and events relating to an accident of motor vehicles, comprising pickups for sensing, for example, wheel revolutions to determine the travelled distance and speed of the vehicle. In addition to these wheel sensors, capacitance- ...

Walter Muller, Georg Piotrowski: Vertebral compression clamp for surgical repair to damage to the spine. Pina Vertriebs, McGlew and Tuttle, March 7, 1995: US05395370 (137 worldwide citation)

A medical technical compression implant (1) for the surgical repair of damage to the spine, especially in the cervical region, includes two clamp jaws (3, 4), which are directed toward each other, are hook-shaped, are connected by a threaded spindle (2), and can be compressed while reducing the dist ...

Seiichiro Aigo: Unitary probe assembly. McGlew and Tuttle, October 30, 1984: US04480223 (129 worldwide citation)

The specification describes a unitary probe assembly adapted to inspect semiconductor chips each provided with a plurality of electrode terminals at both inner surface area and outer peripheral edge thereof. Probes are disposed in a plurality of layers and terminate at the free ends thereof in a com ...