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An illuminating or light emitting device for use as a headlamp, a signaling lamp or other lamp for shining light in a beam or otherwise. It comprises as its main parts a generally flat transparent illuminating element with a circumferential edge in which a plurality of light emitting elements such a ...

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A valve arrangement from microstructured components worked out of a basic body, for the control of fluids, include an actuation element which is movable relative to a flow path distributor and opens or closes fluid paths depending on its position. A transition from one position into the other is eff ...

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A power management system rod for local area network hubs includes a network switching hub with a connection backplane with a plurality of connection slots. A power supply is provided having one or more elements providing a maximum power available for the system. Manageable modules are connected to ...

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For a potentiostatically operable, polarographic-amperometric sensor, in particular for biomedical use, wherein a working electrode (5) and a reference electrode (4) are covered by an electrolyte layer (9) which is separated from the medium to be measured by a semipermeable membrane (8), the inventi ...

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The invention relates to a monitoring device (1) for a motor vehicle (2), consisting of at least one display device (6) located in the interior of the vehicle, and at least one camera (4, 5) arranged in the front and/or rear area of the vehicle (2), with which the area to the sides of the vehicle (2 ...

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An illuminated display unit such as a board with a house number thereon or an advertising billboard, has a light guide panel. At least one electrical illuminating element is arranged in the vicinity of at least one lateral limiting edge thereof. The light guide panel serves for illuminating logo sym ...

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An eyeglass frame and electroacoustic device combination for the improvement of natural hearing has temples that contain or carry electronic and electroacoustic devices. To enable persons with reduced hearing to again be able to follow a conversation in noisy surroundings, e.g. to concentrate on a p ...

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A communications system and method utilizes peer-to-peer architecture to provide "quality" real-time communications in a non-guaranteed, packet-based network. Quality real-time communications in a non-guaranteed, packet-based network is achieved by (i) minimizing packet loss, (ii) minimizing latency ...

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One or more form descriptions are expressed in the form description language (FDL) and are entered into an FDL file. The FDL file is then registered with a dynamic forms software module using a dynamic forms API. Upon registration, the file is parsed and software "specification" objects containing a ...

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The invention relates to a hypodermic syringe in which a hollow needle is surrounded by a protective sheathing in such a way that after the injection has been performed the protective sheathing encloses the tip of the hollow needle to provide protection.