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The chip for the multi-chip semiconductor device having the markings for alignment formed on the front surface and/or the back surface of the chip only by the processing from the front surface of the chip (photolithography, etch) and the method for manufacturing same are presented, without adding an ...

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This invention is to offer an indication system and method of a meter part having excellent visibility and designing property. Alight is irradiated from the first light source toward the indicating panel from the side of the indicating face for making the background part of the indicating panel lumi ...

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An integrated QoS control system is provided that transmits, in real time, the stream data between a bandwidth-guaranteed network and a bandwidth-not-guaranteed network. The QoS manager 102 records the remaining bandwidth of the bandwidth-guaranteed network 2 captured by the remaining bandwidth tabl ...

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A system and method for unobtrusively detecting a subject's level of interest in media content, includes detecting to what a subject is attending, measuring a subject's relative arousal level; and combining information regarding the subject's arousal level and attention to infer a level of interest.

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A method and system for interesting relationships in text documents includes generating a dictionary of keywords in the text documents, forming categories of the text documents using the dictionary and an automated algorithm, counting occurrences of the structured variables, categories and structure ...

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A floating gate for a field effect transistor (and method for forming the same and method of forming a uniform nanoparticle array), includes a plurality of discrete nanoparticles in which at least one of a size, spacing, and density of the nanoparticles is one of templated and defined by a self-asse ...

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A method and system for personalizing an interactive voice response (IVR) system to reduce a number of key sequences to reach a desired source of information, includes storing a caller profile, and retrieving the caller's profile to construct a personalized IVR dialogue menu and play out the persona ...

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A semiconductor device includes: first transmission wirings each transmitting a small-amplitude signal between one of a plurality of first drivers and one of a plurality of receivers; a second transmission wiring transmitting a reference signal connected to each of the plurality of receivers; and a ...

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A semiconductor device includes a plurality of PMOS transistors formed on a semiconductor substrate; and a plurality of NMOS transistors formed on the semiconductor substrate. The plurality of PMOS transistors are electrically isolated from each other by a device isolation structure formed in the se ...

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An opposed reflecting mirror is provided so as to face a light source. The opposed reflecting mirror is configured to reflect light rays, emitted from the light source, so as to allow the reflected light rays to advance in a predetermined direction. A light guide body having a plurality of reflectin ...