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An electroluminescence display is composed of an electroluminescence pixel and a driving circuit. The driving circuit drives the electroluminescence pixel to emit light. The driving circuit provides a first drive current, and then provides a second drive current for the electroluminescence pixel. Th ...

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A monitor system of a vehicle includes an image-measured distance detector for detecting a distance data between a vehicle and a three-dimensional object based on information of an image in front of the vehicle, a laser-measured distance detector for detecting the distance data between the vehicle a ...

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A casing accommodates therein three primary colors of chip LEDs. The casing is disposed in a through hole of a plate-shaped light guide. The chip LEDs are mounted on both surfaces of a substrate so as to face a peripheral surface of the through hole (light incident surface). The casing is made of a ...

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A method (and system) for specifying the region layout of objects in an affine invariant manner as a set of affine intervals between pairs of regions, includes representing database and query regions using affine intervals along with their region identity, matching query region layout to layout of d ...

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A method and apparatus for authenticating (or identifying) a subject, includes using one or a plurality of biometric measurements for authentication (or identification) without any sharing of the subject's biometric data with a party requesting authentication.

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A method, apparatus, and system for automatically configuring a user's portable device, include a module for inferring a current location of the user, and a module for configuring the portable device based on information contained in a configuration of the current location.

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A system and method for authenticating an image of an object, include at least one identifier associated with the object, a receiver for interrogating the at least one identifier to produce identification information, a camera system for recording an image from the object including the at least one ...

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A schedule management system and method of displaying a schedule of at least a part of a plurality of users on a schedule management apparatus includes a display screen and an input device, and manages personal schedule information registered for each of the plurality of users. The method includes o ...

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A memory section and coprocessor sections in a coprocessor-integrated packet-type DRAM are provided with unique memory device ID and coprocessor device IDs respectively. The coprocessor-integrated packet-type DRAMs are connected to a single bus master type packet-type memory/coprocessor bus via exte ...

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In a light emitting diode, a scattering material-containing light guiding/scattering layer is provided which directly receives light emitted from a light emitting element. The scattering material contained in the light guiding/scattering layer irregularly reflects and scatters the incident light. Th ...