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An interior illuminating apparatus for a vehicle includes an interior rear-view minor which is connected and fixed to an interior ceiling of the vehicle for observing the rear. An LED is provided in a vicinity of the interior rear-view mirror at a forward position in a traveling direction of the veh ...

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There is provided a ball-grid-array semiconductor device. The semiconductor device has a semiconductor element sealed with a resin material. In addition, a lead frame is connected to the semiconductor element in the resin material. The lead frame is provided with terminal portions that protrude thro ...


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A magnetic switching device, includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a nanoparticle having a magnetic moment and being disposed between the first and second electrodes. At least one of the first electrode and the second electrode includes a magnetic material which has a net spin polariza ...

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An electrochemical sensor based on a three-electrode method containing a reference electrode, comprising: A working electrode

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A software facility for administering and executing connectivity and information management tasks for a portable device, includes a module for selectively adding, deleting, and editing a location object, and a module for selectively initiating a request for a connection, disconnection, and informati ...

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In an antenna apparatus and the electronic toll collection (hereinafter, abbreviated to an ETC) system using it, an antenna apparatus (

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Arrays of microelectronic elements such as magnetorestive memory elements and FET's, including dual-gate FET's, are fabricated by methods involving a host wafer and a first wafer on which part of the microelectronic elements are separately formed. Conductive elements such as metal-filled v ...