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Topically relevant objects in an object database are first identified using any generally known methods to obtain a set of topically relevant objects (topically relevant set). Parents, and in alternative embodiments other ancestors, of one or more of the topically relevant objects are identified acc ...

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A system and method are provided for supporting video browsing over a communication network such as the Internet/World Wide Web. A graphical user interface is provided through a client software tool such as a Web browser. A client/user selects a video data object stored at a remote server. A set of ...

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A method and system for preventing counterfeiting of an item, include an interrogatable tag attached to the item. The item includes visible indicia for comparison with secret, non-duplicable information stored in the tag designating authenticity.

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The present apparatus is a mobile shopping cart that can automatically keep track of objects selected and carried in the cart and provide a customer using the cart information like the total price of the items carried. The cart has a radio frequency cart base station with a cart antenna connected to ...

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IP based networks use a number of different IP routing protocols to determine how packets ought to be routed. However, due to the rapid growth of the Internet, there is a great need for higher packet forwarding performance. This invention describes a way to map IP routing information onto a technolo ...

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A portable printing device including: a case; a print unit having a print head with a print surface, the print head being switchable between a raised position and a lowered position with respect to the case; and a shutter member that covers the print surface of the print head when the print head is ...

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Search of video images in a database is enhanced by specification of at least one object and a background in stored frames and in queries of the database. Video information is stored in the database by means of representative frames that include at least one object and a background. A query of the d ...