Robert D Inkster: Touch pad using a non-electrical deformable pressure sensor. Tactex Controls, McFadden Fincham, September 7, 2004: US06788295 (96 worldwide citation)

A touch pad for controlling electronic equipment includes a deformable touch surface and a compressible pad body in contact with the touch surface. The compressible body is formed from a material which scatters or diffuses light within the material. Multiple sources of light or other wave energy are ...

David N Schreiner: Garment with hook-and-loop fasteners. Med I Pant, McFadden Fincham Marcus & Allen, July 3, 1990: US04937887 (94 worldwide citation)

In a garment, such as briefs or diapers for incontinent patients, which employ hook-and-loop fasteners, impairment of fastener operation by accumulation of lint on the hook-fastener tab is avoided by storing the hook-fastener tab in a pocket of the garment when the garment is being laundered. Prefer ...

Roman Anthony Bilak, Leo Rothenburg, Maurice Dusseault: Apparatus and method for subterranean injection of slurried wastes. Terralog Technologies, Terralog Technologies U, McFadden Fincham, December 14, 1999: US06002063 (90 worldwide citation)

Injection of slurried wastes is carried out within deeply buried strata. Appropriate target strata are identified in terms of sufficient porosity and permeability, and overburden that includes permeable and impermeable strata. Slurry is injected at sufficient pressure to establish fracturing within ...

Lee Danisch: Fiber optic bending and positioning sensor with selected curved light emission surfaces. Paul Sharpe McFadden Fincham, May 27, 1997: US05633494 (69 worldwide citation)

A curvature or bending and displacement sensor is composed of a fiber optic or light wave guide, for attachment to a member or members being curved or displaced. Light is injected at one end and detected at the other end. Curvature of the fiber results in light loss through an emission surface or su ...

Kikuchi Royoichi: Systeme pour denouer automatiquement une impasse dans un systeme de traitement de donnees, System for automatically releasing a dead lock state in a data processing system. Fujitsu, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, February 18, 1986: CA1200911 (64 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Disclosed herein is a system for automaticallyreleasing a dead lock state in a data processing system,wherein a plurality of kinds of tasks selectively use aplurality of common resources. When one task X occupies aresource A and, in this state, the task is to occupy a reso ...

Gad Shaanan, Serge Provost, Jerome Foy: Binding for a snowboard and a snowboard incorporating the bindings. McFadden Fincham Marcus & Anissimoff, September 1, 1992: US05143396 (56 worldwide citation)

A binding for a snowboard has a base, side members extending upwardly and rearwardly from the sides of the base, towards the back of the base, with an arcuate member joining the rear ends of the side members. Fastening means on one side member and on one side edge of the board at the front provide f ...

Barnett Ronald E, Yarger Ronald G: Produits alimentaires contenant des agents modifiant le gout sucre, Foodstuffs containing sweetness modifying agents. General Foods Corporation, MCFADDEN FINCHAM, August 5, 1986: CA1208966 (54 worldwide citation)

FOODSTUFFS CONTAINING SWEETNESS MODIFYING AGENTS ABSTRACT Food acceptable sweetness modifying compounds comprising certain aromatic hydroxy acids and food-stuff compositions containing the same.

William E Price: Resuscitation and inhalation device. McFadden Fincham, March 21, 1995: US05398714 (53 worldwide citation)

A resuscitation and inhalation device which can be used alternatively in each of two modes. The flow of oxygen or gas is controlled by a control valve, itself controlled by a movable member acted upon by the pressure of oxygen or gas in a chamber after having flowed passed the control valve. On meet ...

Steve Kresnyak, Alex Braun: Water treatment process for thermal heavy oil recovery. Aqua Pure Ventures, Alberta Energy Company, McFadden Fincham, March 25, 2003: US06536523 (53 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a method and apparatus for treating produced water from a heavy oil thermal recovery unit to achieve water recovery and recycle levels of greater than 80% and as high as 100% to achieve zero discharge criteria. The method includes the initial steps of capturing the waste heat ener ...

Edward Moore: Computer mouse support. 2749394 Canada, McFadden Fincham Marcus & Anissimoff, April 20, 1993: US05203845 (49 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a device having a working surface for a computer mouse which comprises: a supporting structure having a forward end; a rear end; a pair of sides; a generally planar top working surface; and a bottom surface adapted for engagement with a supporting surface. The planar top working s ...