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Methods and credit or debit card systems are disclosed that allow the available credit to be determined by someone other than the card issuer and that allow a limit to be set on the number of expenditures that can be made. The methods and systems can be used to provide a mechanism for supervising cr ...

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A system for conducting commerce over a large public network such as the Internet. The system facilitates communications between a merchant, a customer, and a bank or credit card processor.

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Source code to be protected, a software application writer's private key, along with an application writer's license provided to the first computer. The application writer's license includes identifying information such as the application writer's name as well as the application writer's public key. ...

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Protocols and architecture for secure virtual private networks. Intraenterprise data communications are supported in a secure manner over the Internet or other public network space with the implementation of secure virtual private networks. Members of a virtual private network group exchange data th ...

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Selective video-on-demand access is provided to a virtually unlimited number of subscribers by partitioning the video program into an ordered sequence of N segments and providing the subscribers concurrent access to each of the N segments. A data stream representative of the video program is partiti ...

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A system and method for operating a computer based targeted payment system discount program. Consumer information from consumer payment system institutions is used to match qualified consumers to targeted merchant discount offers. Offers are automatically prioritized based on their expected value to ...

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A method for increasing channel utilization for a data channel transmitting a multiplex of a set of one or more encoded program streams, each program stream in being decodeable by a corresponding decoder, each corresponding decoder including a corresponding decoder buffer, the decoder buffers having ...

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A local area network switch which implements packet segmentation and reassembly for cell-based switching on a backplane cell bus. A plurality of packet processing units are each coupled to a backplane cell bus wherein each packet processing unit hosts a plurality of local area network ports. Each pa ...

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A system for providing efficient constant bit rate distribution of variable bit-rate encoded video programs while facilitating the distribution of encoded video programs, along with Auxiliary Data of a general character, to one or more receivers. At a particular receiver, a customized augmented vide ...

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An integrated circuit (IC) includes both a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and a hard array (HA). The FPGA includes a first set of functional groups that each include an underlying logic structure and memory cells for programming the underlying logic structure, a first set of routing buses, and ...