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This invention is a system that tracks the 3-dimensional position and orientation of one or more bodies (

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A two dimensional image is registered with mechanical axis data, and possibly other data, using a surgical navigation system. This provides the user with additional graphical information on a display screen as the procedure is performed. The mechanical axis data can be generated using an anatomical ...

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A system includes a back up wall and a veneer wall spaced from the back up wall. An anchor shaft has a first end secured to the back up wall, and a second free end of the shaft projects into a space between the back up wall and the veneer wall. A wing nut has a central barrel disposed on the shaft p ...

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An amplitude- and frequency- or phase-modulated radio frequency signal generator that is used for radio emission, generates a phase or frequency control signal and an amplitude control signal from a phase or frequency modulation signal and from an amplitude modulation signal respectively. The genera ...

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During a communication, a channel is shared by several transmitting/receiving stations comprising a single master station and one or more slave stations. A station becomes a master station by transmitting traffic information on the channel. After the master station has stopped transmitting traffic i ...

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A method is described for navigating in the interior of the body using three-dimensionally visualized structures. In a first step of the method, at least two two-dimensional images of the same anatomical object are provided from different perspectives, and also items of information that make it poss ...

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A method of performing an arthroplasty of a ball and socket joint with a surgical navigation system includes the step of digitizing landmarks to provide geometrical parameters of the joint and a limb depending there from, including digitizing aspects of a socket region of the ball and socket joint. ...

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A volatile material dispensing system with a dispenser for providing controlled release of a volatile material, the dispenser being attached to a display frame, and having at least one protrusion. Protrusions are disposed on a face of the frame to distance the membrane from a delicate surface. The s ...

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The invention concerns an image method for observing the propagation of low-frequency shearing pulse wave simultaneously in multiple points of a diffusing viscoelastic medium. The method consists in transmitting at a very high rate ultrasonic compression waves enabling to obtain a succession of imag ...

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A method for easily calibrating both the position of the tip of a surgical tool and the orientation of that tool includes attaching a tracking device capable of communication with the surgical navigation system to the surgical tool using an adapter, where the adapter has a known relation between the ...