Hunter Stephen Baird: Tamper respondent enclosure. W L Gore & Associates, Hunter Stephen Baird, McCALLUM William Potter, April 29, 1999: WO/1999/021142 (16 worldwide citation)

A tamper respondent enclosure (10) comprises a wall including at least two layers (34, 35; 34, 24). A first layer of the wall (34) comprises a sheet of insulating material (36) having lines of conductive material (38, 39) on first and second sides thereof, the lines forming part of a sensor circuit. ...

Andrews Brian: Improved anterior floor-reaction type ankle-foot orthosis. Andrews Brian, McCALLUM William Potter, January 6, 1994: WO/1994/000083 (8 worldwide citation)

An interior moulded floor-reaction (FR) ankle-foot (AFO) (10) is described which has a fixed ankle angle and a detachable heel wedge (16) which allows the vertical alignment of the brace to be adjusted. The anterior leg portion (12a) has an elastic calf strap (14) for controlling plantar flexion. Th ...

Salim Aws Shakir Mustafa: Synergistic compositions for hair restoration containing dimethylsulfone and a sulphydryl group releasing agent. Salim Aws Shakir Mustafa, McCALLUM William Potter, March 17, 1994: WO/1994/005250 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to synergistic compositions comprising methylsulphonylmethane and a physiologically acceptable, organic, in vivo sulphydryl group releasing agent and their use in formulations and methods of treatment for at least one of arresting hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

Richards Andrew, Webster George Nigel Parkinson: Improved tubing coupling. Expro North Sea, Richards Andrew, Webster George Nigel Parkinson, MCCALLUM William Potter, September 6, 2002: WO/2002/068853 (5 worldwide citation)

A tubular coupling member (10) for use in the oil and gas exploration and extraction industries is disclosed. The tubular coupling member is adapted for coupling together lengths of tubing (20) to form a tubing string and includes at least one protective radially extending element (14) disposed on t ...

Ironside Charles Norman, Stanley Colin Roy, Figueiredo Jose Longras: Improved optoelectronic device. The University Court Of The University Of Glasgow, Ironside Charles Norman, Stanley Colin Roy, Figueiredo Jose Longras, McCALLUM William Potter, November 30, 2000: WO/2000/072383 (4 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed an optoelectronic device (5) at least partially made from a quaternary III - V semiconductor alloy, the device (5) including at least one resonant tunnelling diode (RTD) (12). In a preferred embodiment the quaternary alloy is Indium Gallium Aluminium Arsenide (InGaAlAs). There is ...

Deas Alexander Roger: Solid state memory system. Memory Corporation, Deas Alexander Roger, McCALLUM William Potter, July 6, 1995: WO/1995/018407 (3 worldwide citation)

A storage device that connects to a standard computer system and communicates with a computer system bus, being capable of receiving, storing and retrieving data intended for a magnetic disk drive; the storage device comprising: a main memory; a cache memory; block transfer buffer means to store 512 ...

Churchill Andrew Philip: Downhole bypass valve. Churchill Andrew Philip, MCCALLUM William Potter, January 25, 2001: WO/2001/006086 (3 worldwide citation)

A fluid flow actuated downhole tool is configurable in at least a first tool configuration and a second tool configuration. The tool comprises a tubular housing and an activating sleeve, the housing being adapted to catch the sleeve when the sleeve is dropped from surface and the engagement of the s ...


Liew Foo Yew, Xu Damo: Reagents specific for st2l and uses therefor. The University Court Of The University Of Glasgow, Liew Foo Yew, Xu Damo, McCALLUM William Potter, July 8, 1999: WO/1999/034217 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a membrane bound form of ST2 protein known as ST2L protein, particularly the development of reagents such as antibodies, ligands, agonists and/or antagonists specific for ST2L which may be used in cell separation or identification, drug screening and treatment of ail ...

Corrigan Neil David, Morgan Quentin Peter William, Smith William Lawson: Apparatus and method for well fluid sampling. Expro North Sea, Corrigan Neil David, Morgan Quentin Peter William, Smith William Lawson, MCCALLUM William Potter, June 15, 2000: WO/2000/034624 (1 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a well fluid sampling tool (5) and related well fluid sampling method. A number of problems exist with known single phase sampling tools, e.g. the length and outer diameter of the tools. Accordingly, the present invention provides a well fluid sampling tool (5) having, at least in ...