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Protective barriers for small devices, such as sensors, actuators, flow control devices, among others, protect the devices from erosive and/or corrosive fluids, for example, formation fluids under harsh downhole conditions. The protective barriers include protective coatings and fluid diverting stru ...

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An apparatus and method useful for acquiring information from a subsurface formation penetrated by a wellbore contemplate the use of a tubular body adapted for connection within a drill string disposed in the wellbore. The tubular body is equipped with one or more protuberances (e.g., ribs) defining ...

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A downhole plug can include a housing having an aperture disposed generally through the center of the housing. A stopper can be disposed in the aperture and adapted to block fluid flow therethrough. The stopper can have a composition of at least two different materials. One or more covers can be at ...

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Methods and apparatus for downhole analysis of formation fluids by isolating the fluids from the formation and/or borehole in a pressure and volume control unit that is integrated with a flowline of a fluid analysis module and determining fluid characteristics of the isolated fluids. Parameters of i ...

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A sampling while drilling tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. The tool includes a drill collar, at least one sample chamber, at least one flowline and at least one cover. The drill collar is operatively connectable to a drill string of the sampling while ...

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Systems and methods for optically determining casing collar and/or corrosion locations within boreholes, using the diffraction effect of Faraday crystals through which depolarized continuous light is transmitted within optical fibers.

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A bottom hole assembly is rotatably adapted for drilling directional boreholes into an earthen formation. It has an upper stabilizer mounted to a collar, and a rotary steerable system. The rotary steerable system has an upper section connected to the collar, a steering section, and a drill bit arran ...

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A fluid analysis system for use downhole comprises an input light signal that is directed through a fluid sample housed in a sample cell. The input light signal may originate from a plurality of light sources. An output light signal from the sample cell is then routed to one or more spectrometers fo ...

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Subterranean oilfield high-temperature devices configured or designed to facilitate downhole monitoring and high data transmission rates with laser diodes that are configured for operation downhole, within a borehole, at temperatures in excess of 115 degrees centigrade without active cooling.

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Embodiments of the invention relate to a wireline assembly that includes a coring tool for taking coring samples of the formation and a formation testing tool for taking fluid samples from the formation, where the formation testing tool is operatively connected to the coring tool. In some embodiment ...