T Mark Hill: Critical care for neonatal calves. North American Nutrition Companies, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, December 16, 2004: US20040253324-A1

A product and method for treating dehydration in neonatal calves. The product is administered to dehydrated calves during treatment, to the exclusion of milk replacers or electrolytes.

Joseph H McCarthy: System and method for cooling an x-ray tube in a tomography computer system. Matthew R Jenkins Esq, June 10, 2004: US20040109538-A1

A system and method for cooling an X-ray tube in a computer tomography (CT) cooling system is shown having a heat exchanger that has at least one cooling passageway for receiving a coolant for cooling the X-ray tube and that is formed to define a tubular passageway having or defining a heat exchange ...

Douglas Slavey, John G Joseph: Portable basketball rebound apparatus and method. Shoot A Way, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, September 9, 2004: US20040176192-A1

A portable basketball practice system or apparatus and method are shown having a plurality of pads situated on a plurality of adjustable arms that provide a toggle assembly, respectively. A position of the pads can be adjusted relative to a box-out area and can be engaged by a player during a basket ...

Sergei F Kolomeitsev, Craig A Ham: Apparatus and method for generating torque. Valeo Electrical Systems, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, December 30, 2004: US20040263101-A1

Torque generating apparatus and method for automotive applications. A brushless DC motor is design optimized to operate at a design voltage, Vs, along an optimal speed/torque profile. A DC/DC converter is provided for supplying power at an alternate voltage, Va, to enable motor operation at speed/to ...

Sergei F Kolomeitsev: Steering assist system. Valeo Electrical Systems, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, December 30, 2004: US20040264075-A1

An automotive steering assist system having an electric motor provided with poles organized into 2 groups. The motor has means for detecting shorts in the poles and means for disabling all poles in a pole group whenever a short is detected in a pole of that group.

Tao Hong, John R Savage: Fan hub assembly for effective motor cooling. Valeo Electrical Systems, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, March 31, 2005: US20050067500-A1

An electrically powered axial-flow fan has a hub to house the motor and support the fan blades. Small blades or vanes on the inside of the hub function as a radial-flow blower to draw cooling air through cooling ports on the electric motor housing. The vanes inside the hub cooperate with a flange su ...

Sergei Kolomeitsev, John R Suriano: Reduction of cogging torque in electric motors. Valeo Electrical Systems, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, March 31, 2005: US20050067913-A1

An electric motor having reduced cogging torque. Motors have stator teeth separated by a slot, or space, which is filled with air and/or copper. The magnetic field present in the space is reduced, compared to that present in the iron cores. Thus, when the rotor rotates, it sees a changing magnetic f ...

Thomas James Gallagher, Hong Jiang, Sergei Kolomeitsev, Benjamin L Miciano, Pirakalathan Pathmanathan, John R Suriano: Reduction of interference caused by PWM motors. Valeo Electrical Systems, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, March 31, 2005: US20050069301-A1

System for reducing electronic noise in a radio in a vehicle. Pulse Width Modulated, PWM, motors used in a vehicle receive pulses of electric current. These pulses have a Fourier spectrum of harmonics which can be picked up by a radio in the vehicle, causing the radio to produce unwanted noise. The ...

Douglas B Guthrie, Terry E Nels, Jonathan M Rich, Eric A Schueler: Friction facing method for use in a friction environment. Euroflamm Select, Matthew R Jenkins Esq, April 7, 2005: US20050071979-A1

A facing material for a power transmission-absorption assembly is shown and described. In one embodiment, the facing material includes a plurality of first channels having a first, deep depth and a plurality of second channels having a second, shallow depth. One or more of the plurality of second ch ...

David Louis Kirschman: Spinal fusion system and method for fusing spinal bones. Matthew R Jenkins Esq, March 31, 2005: US20050071006-A1

This invention relates to a spinal fusion system and method for use as a prosthetic implant. The system and method includes a housing dimensioned to be situated between adjacent spinal bones, such as adjacent vertebrae. The housing cooperates with the spinal bones to define a graft area for receivin ...