Dean L Kamen: Enhanced pressure measurement flow control system. Bruce D Sunstein, Mary R Jankousky, Paul C Flattery, May 2, 1989: US04826482 (221 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system for measuring flow of a fluid through a line. In the system, a region of fluid along the line is isolated from pressure effects outside of the region. A source region contains a measurement gas in communication with the isolated region, such that the source me ...

Dean L Kamen: Infiltration detection system using pressure measurement. Bruce D Sunstein, Mary R Jankousky, March 28, 1989: US04816019 (122 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for detecting the presence of an infiltration condition in a line delivering fluid to a patient. Stepping means subjects the fluid in the line to a negative pressure step. The pressure of the fluid is monitored, and processing means then determines whether an infiltration condit ...

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Apparatus for the automated transfer of contents between a rubber diaphragm port-type vial and a flexible, collapsible bag for medical solutions, which bag has at least one needle-pierceable access port. A double-pointed hollow needle is positioned so that the vial is held with its rubber diaphragm ...

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A flexible thermoplastic pouch having an easy-open tear strip means secured thereto is provided. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a tear strip is secured to an imperforate sidewall of a flexible pouch along two sawtooth securement lines arranged generally in the shape of an elli ...

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A secondary lock for preventing separation of a pair of connected tubular members comprises an elongated body which carries a toothed rack. A first transversely extending retention member is carried adjacent one end of the body, with a sliding member slidably mounted on the body for longitudinal mov ...

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A time delay undervoltage release for an electric circuit breaker causes the circuit breaker to trip when the control voltage drops below an acceptable level and prevents the breaker from being closed until the control voltage rises to a predetermined level. When the control voltage drops below an a ...

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An electric circuit breaker capable of being opened and closed from a remote location. The circuit breaker includes a stationary contact, a movable contact mounted on a carrier and a trip mechanism that trips the circuit breaker, moving the carrier to an open position upon the occurrence of an overc ...

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An apparatus for sealing a web of film including a heater member for melting a portion of the film to create side and chevron seals. A back-up bar is located diametric the heater member. The heater member includes two elongated heater bars and two wing heater bars.

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An assembly for joining together end to end sections of cable tray. Each section of cable tray comprises two parallel channel siderails connected by rungs. An L-shaped splice plate has holes in the flat portion to mate with holes in the middle portion of the siderails. The splice plate has a bottom ...

Ellen M Corbet: Method for assembling a floral arrangement. Ellen M Corbet, Charles J Trost, Mary R Jankousky, August 19, 1986: US04606950 (23 worldwide citation)

A method for assembling a floral arrangement is shown. An individual may choose from a number of bases, each resulting in a different floral arrangement design. Each base has a predetermined pattern of holes for insertion of flower stems which the individual chooses to produce a design having the de ...