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Methods and systems for interactive interfacing with a computer gaming system are provided. A method includes providing an input device, where the input device is configured to convey inertial data that is to be interpreted by the computer gaming system. The method then identifies an action to be pe ...

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A method for optimizing data transmission in a data transfer system is provided where the data transfer system includes a transmitting device that transmits data to a receiving device through a switch. The method includes monitoring data transfer congestion in a buffer of the switch. The monitoring ...

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The present invention is directed to a test structure and method to determine the effects of the well proximity effect on the gate threshold voltage of FETs at different distances from the edge of the well.

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A kernel data transfer method and system for transmitting multiple packets of data in a single block of data presented by application programs to the kernel's network subsystem for processing in accordance with data transfer parameters set by the application program. The multi-packet transmit system ...

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A device and method for effecting movement, responsive to user input, of an object on a graphical display are disclosed. An input device comprises a component for capturing video images, an input image processor that generates an output signal responsive to motion from the video images, and an outpu ...

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A method for grouping Human Interface Devices (HIDs) into a multi-head display is provided. The HIDs are identified as either “primary” or “secondaries”. A computational-service policy module is consulted when a new HID connects to the network. If the HID is identified as a secondary, the module con ...

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Communication is established between a first client and a central index server in a fluid, de-centralized network. The central index server searches the memory of the first client for usable data files which lack authentication certificates issued by the central index server. A data-file identifier ...

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The present invention comprises a distal rest pad for supporting a portion of a wafer seated on an end effector. In one embodiment, the rest pad includes a bottom support pad and an edge stop. Each element is mounted separately to the distal end of a support plate. The bottom support pad includes an ...

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