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A new aromatic copolyestercarbonate is achieved with 70 to 95 weight percent ester content and having consistently high 3.2 mm impact strength while maintaining a high level of stress cracking resistance.

Steven W Scott: Thermoplastic molding composition. General Electric Company, Martin B Barancik, July 5, 1983: US04391954 (99 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic molding composition comprising an aromatic carbonate polymer and a polyester derived from a cyclohexanedimethanol.

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A plastic container for use in receiving product in a hot state the sealing of which creates a negative pressure therein after the product cools, an ovalized portion of the container disposed between a bottom and shoulder having circular cross sections wherein the negative pressure causes a uniform ...

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Aromatic polycarbonates end-capped with branched alkyl acyl halides and/or acids from four to seven carbon atoms, inclusive, provide higher heat resistance and better impact resistance after aging at elevated temperature compared with normal alkyl acyl agents. The resins of the invention are injecti ...

Victor Mark, Charles V Hedges: Polycarbonate composition from branched chain dihydric phenol. General Electric Company, Martin B Barancik, September 4, 1984: US04469861 (75 worldwide citation)

Aromatic polycarbonates derived from (i) a carbonate precursor, and (ii) at least one dihydric phenol represented by the general formula ##STR1## wherein: R and R' are independently selected from halogen radicals and monovalent hydrocarbon radicals;

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Copolyester-carbonate resin compositions exhibiting improved processability comprised of (i) at least one copolyester-carbonate resin derived from (a) a carbonate precursor; (b) at least one difunctional carboxylic acid or a reactive derivative thereof; and (c) at least one dihydric phenol wherein t ...

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An embodiment assembly for the impregnation of a continuous length of fibers comprises a convex surface and a non-convex surface over which the length of fibers is drawn under tension. The pressure of impingement on the surfaces alternately separates and consolidates the fibers in sequence during th ...

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An improved flame retardant polycarbonate composition of an aromatic carbonate polymer in admixture with an organic alkali metal salt or an organic alkaline earth metal salt or mixtures thereof, which composition has in admixture therewith a fluorinated polyolefin.