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A projection mask and method and apparatus for production thereof comprising a substrate carrying a mask thereon, a cover glass covering the pattern mask and sealed at peripheral edges thereof to the substrate defining a space between the substrate with the mask and the cover glass. A particle-free ...

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In a steerable, flexible, torsionally-stable guide wire for medical catheters which is surrounded at its distal end region by a helically wound spring which protrudes beyond the end of the guide wire, an improved atraumatic guidance of the guide wire within particularly narrow passages is obtained i ...

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A vehicle mirror has a mirror glass (1) which also forms a substrate for an OLED display (7). This OLED display (7) fully covers the mirror glass (1). A front cover glass (5) forms the second substrate for the OLED display (7).

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A watertight housing, preferably for photographic or cinematographical dees, which has a cover sealed against the penetration of water, which cover can be opened for access to at least one part that is important for putting a device arranged in the housing into operation. Viewed from the outside--be ...