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The invention provides a distribution and heating method for foodstuffs and an inexpensive disposable microwave shipping, heating and serving package for food composed of a paperboard carton and a lossy microwave energy absorber which becomes hot when exposed to microwave radiation. The absorber is ...

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A microwave heating device is comprised of a microwave reflective member having positioned adjacent thereto magnetic microwave absorbing material. The absorbing material, by being magnetic, will heat by coupling of the magnetic component of microwave radiation. The thickness of the absorbing materia ...

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A delamination resistant fried dough product such as a pizza shell having a unique structure is described. It is composed of a flat at least partially fried body of soft porous dough and crispable outer crust with a plurality of blisters having generally hemispherical upwardly extending domed upper ...

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A package for popping popcorn in a microwave oven is provided. The package includes an expandable container adapted to contain popcorn, oil and salt which when exposed to microwave radiation, the oil and popcorn will become heated and the popcorn will pop (steam produced by the heating will expand t ...

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Ready-to-eat baked goods which contain a substantial portion of non-gelatinized starch, and are shelf stable for up to one year, are disclosed. They are prepared from a flour containing base-batter mix, water, and at least 5% by weight of the product of an edible, liquid polyhydric alcohol. The wate ...

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Colloidally stable dispersions of a spectral sensitizing dye are formed directly in water without the use of an organic solvent. The process of the invention involves mixing the dye particles with water to form a slurry and then homogenizing or milling the slurry at an elevated temperature in the pr ...

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A refrigerated dough and method of manufacture are provided which will result in a baked product having a bread-like texture and/or allows the use of fast acting leaveners. The dough is adapted for being contained in a pressurized container and adapted for storage under refrigerated conditions.

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The present invention relates to a process for making a shaped cereal grain product that has a surface crust and an appearance of fully cooked but intact grains and/or pieces of grains joined together. In the process of the present invention a plurality of cereal grains having different cooking time ...

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A process is disclosed for baking products within a package while insuring sterility therein and preventing damage to the product during the cooling step.