Rein S Teder: Compact moisture sensor with collimator lenses and prismatic coupler. Libbey Owens Ford Co, Marshall & Melhorn, August 26, 1997: US05661303 (259 worldwide citation)

A compact rain sensor for mounting on the inner surface of a windshield includes collimator lenses and a detachable prismatic coupler to facilitate the mounting of emitters and detectors on a circuit board which is positioned parallel to the inner surface of the windshield. A thin optical coupler is ...

Robert G Wiley: Variable focus lens. Marshall & Melhorn, November 19, 1991: US05066301 (221 worldwide citation)

A variable focus lens apparatus includes a transparent, generally circular envelope, a transparent gel having a relatively high resistance to flow encased in the envelope, and a plurality of light refractive particles suspended in a predetermined orientation in the gel. When an external force field ...

Robert G Wiley, William G Martin: Variable power intraocular lens with astigmatism correction. Marshall & Melhorn, December 15, 1992: US05171266 (218 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens has a flexible lens body center portion formed from an optically clear material surrounded by an outer ring which is sensitive to an external force, such as a magnetic force. Utilizing the external force, the shape of the outer ring can be changed to elongate the lens body along ...

Siegfried Schwert: Method of extracting a hollow unit laid in the ground. Marshall & Melhorn, November 16, 1999: US05984582 (179 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of extracting a hollow member laid in the earth, e.g. a lead pipe, which is accessible at both its open ends. For this purpose a hose which may be internally pressurized, is introduced in an unpressurized condition into the pipe, the hose is then internally pressurized, pressin ...

Linda Graves: Apparatus for delivering a continuous positive airway pressure to an infant. Marshall & Melhorn, December 21, 1993: US05271391 (171 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for delivering a continuous positive airway pressure to an infant by the use of a light-weight, flexible nasal cannula. The nasal cannula is connected to a source of positive air flow by a pair of flexible hoses. The soft nasal outlets of the cannula reduce damage to the na ...

Masayuki Katogi, Naohisa Iso: Illumination system and illumination unit. Moriyama Sangyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Marshall & Melhorn, December 9, 2003: US06659622 (164 worldwide citation)

An illumination system of the invention comprises: a first illumination unit comprising a pair of power supply contacts for connection to a commercial AC power source, a light source connected between the pair of power supply contacts, a control circuit connected in series to the light source to con ...

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The invention relates to a method for detecting analytes and to a device for carrying out the method, for use for analysis or diagnosis in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular genetics, food chemistry, biotechnology, the environment and medicine. Marker particles (

Dale E Perry: Power stand-up and reclining wheelchair. Marshall & Melhorn, November 22, 1994: US05366036 (156 worldwide citation)

A wheelchair apparatus is provided for selectively positioning the operator from a sitting position to a standing position or a reclining position. The wheelchair apparatus includes a frame for supporting the operator's body in a reclined, sitting, and standing position. A single positioning actuato ...

Ronald L Blevins: Portable scanner system with transceiver for two-way radio frequency communication. Interlink Technologies, Marshall & Melhorn, December 21, 1993: US05272324 (126 worldwide citation)

A hands free radio frequency terminal is worn on the body of the user. Components comprised of bar code scanner, key pads for communicating with a computer and LCD/LED display are attached to a sleeve device detachably worn on the forearm, and includes a switch for operating the scanner that is worn ...

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A golf swing evaluation system includes a golf club containing a sensor and an associated display for indicating the force and location of the impact of the club head against a golf ball. The sensor generates a sensor signal to a force circuit which generates an indication signal having characterist ...