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Multiple location finding equipment (LFE) inputs are used to enhance the location information made available to wireless location-based applications. In one implementation, the invention is implemented in a wireless network including an MSC (

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A system for detecting sensor off conditions in a pulse oximeter is disclosed. In one implementation, a detector off condition is identified based a volatility of a signal quality of a filtered detector signal. The detector signal is first filtered, for example, to reduce the effects of noise or to ...

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An electrosurgical system is disclosed that applies electrical energy to obtain a predetermined surgical effect, while also reducing eschar deposits on a working surface of an electrosurgical instrument, producing an eschar deposit which is easily removed from the working surface and/or facilitating ...

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A medical monitoring instrument such as a pulse oximeter uses vertical cavity surface emitting laser diodes (VCSELs) to produce at least two high intensity, essentially monochromatic light beams. The VCSELs are located either in: (1) the probe itself, (2) the connector to the probe, or (3) the monit ...

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An electrosurgical generator is disclosed that provides radio-frequency electrical waveforms for performing surgical operations on a tissue mass. The various aspects of the present invention are embodied in an electrosurgical generator that includes a DC regulator, an amplifier, an energy recovery c ...

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An inhaler provides a controlled delivery of an inhalant and includes an inhaler housing and a mouthpiece coupled to the inhaler housing. A piezoelectric dispenser-head is coupled to the inhaler housing and configured to be coupled to the dispensing chamber. The piezoelectric dispenser-head includes ...

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The inventive system relates to applications for providing graphical display information regarding mobile resources. In the illustrated embodiment, the system (

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Pulse oximetry is improved through classification of plethysmographic signals by processing the plethysmographic signals using a neural network that receives input coefficients from multiple signal domains including, for example, spectral, bispectral, cepstral and Wavelet filtered signal domains. In ...

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The invention relates to the calibration of a pulse oximeter intended for non-invasively determining the amount of at least two light absorbing substances in the blood of a subject. In order to take human variability into account, the calibration is based on an invariant which is a quotient of two p ...