Amir Ban: Flash file system. M Systems Flash Disk Pioneers, Mark M Friedman, April 4, 1995: US05404485 (573 worldwide citation)

The provision of a flash memory, virtual mapping system that allows data to be continuously written to unwritten physical address locations. The virtual memory map relates flash memory physical location addresses in order to track the location of data in the memory.

Amir Ban: Flash file system optimized for page-mode flash technologies. M Systems Flash Disk Pioneers, Mark M Friedman, August 10, 1999: US05937425 (376 worldwide citation)

A method for organizing a flash memory in which the size of the memory portion for reading or writing data, such as a block, differs from the size of the smallest portion for erasing, such as a unit. The method of the present invention is particularly useful for page-mode devices exemplified by the ...

Michael Kagan, Ian Solomon: Interactive multiple player game system and method of playing a game between at least two players. Mark M Friedman, April 8, 1997: US05618045 (347 worldwide citation)

An interactive multiple player game system including at least two playing devices communicating over an ad-hoc, wireless, all-to-all broadcast network. A playing device includes a processor for running a game scenario common to all of the playing devices within the network, a player controlled inter ...

Dario Cabib, Robert A Buckwald, Zvi Malik, Yuval Garini, Nir Katzir, Dirk G Soeknsen: Spectral bio-imaging methods for biological research, medical diagnostics and therapy. Applied Spectral Imaging, Mark M Friedman, July 21, 1998: US05784162 (259 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention there are provided spectral imaging methods for biological research, medical diagnostics and therapy comprising the steps of (a) preparing a sample to be spectrally imaged; (b) viewing the sample through an optical device, the optical device being optically connect ...

Erez Hasman, Asher A Friesem: Method and apparatus for storage and retrieval with multilayer optical disks. Yeda Research & Development, Mark M Friedman, June 11, 1996: US05526338 (236 worldwide citation)

A multilayer optical disk system, which includes an optical disk unit having a number of connected optical disks. A number of light sources, such as diode lasers, are used to provide a number of light beams of different wavelengths. A wavelength multiplexer combines the light beams into a single bea ...

Pinhas Gilboa, David Tolkowsky, David Hollander: System and method for determining the location of a catheter during an intra-body medical procedure. Super Dimension, Mark M Friedman, March 23, 2004: US06711429 (236 worldwide citation)

A system and method of displaying at least one point-of-interest of a body during an intra-body medical procedure. The method is effected by (a) establishing a location of the body; (b) establishing a location of an imaging instrument being for imaging at least a portion of the body; (c) defining at ...

Pinhas Gilboa, Danny Blecher: Intrabody navigation system for medical applications. Super Dimension, Mark M Friedman, July 15, 2003: US06593884 (222 worldwide citation)

A system and method for tracking the position and orientation of a probe. Three at least partly overlapping planar antennas are used to transmit electromagnetic radiation simultaneously, with the radiation transmitted by each antenna having its own spectrum. A receiver inside the probe includes sens ...

George McNamara, Dirk Soenksen, Dario Cabib, Robert A Buckwald: In situ method of analyzing cells. Applied Spectral Imaging, Mark M Friedman, December 28, 1999: US06007996 (220 worldwide citation)

A method of in situ analysis of a biological sample comprising the steps of (a) staining the biological sample with N stains of which a first stain is selected from the group consisting of a first immunohistochemical stain, a first histological stain and a first DNA ploidy stain, and a second stain ...

Yehoshua Yeshurun: Systems and methods for the transport of fluids through a biological barrier and production techniques for such systems. Nanopass, Mark M Friedman, May 6, 2003: US06558361 (214 worldwide citation)

A device for the transport of fluids through a biological barrier includes a number of microneedles projecting from the front face of a substrate. A conduit is associated with each of the microneedles to provide a fluid flow path for transport of fluid through a hole in the biological barrier formed ...

Amir Ban, Dov Moran, Oron Ogdan: Architecture for a universal serial bus-based PC flash disk. M Systems Flash Disk Pioneers, Mark M Friedman, November 14, 2000: US06148354 (213 worldwide citation)

A storage unit made of flash array and a USB controller, is implemented to be compatible with then USB specification. The unit includes memory modules which can accept write commands and read commands and are erasable and non-volatile herein referred to as flash modules. The USB/flash controller is ...

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