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In one aspect, an inductive transducer is disclosed having a leading pole layer and a leading pole tip, with the pole layer being further removed than the pole tip from a media-facing surface. In another aspect, an inductive transducer is disclosed having a magnetic pedestal disposed between a leadi ...

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A Network Interface device (NI device) coupled to a host computer receives a multi-packet message from a network (for example, the Internet) and DMAs the data portions of the various packets directly into a destination in application memory on the host computer. The address of the destination is det ...

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A device and method are disclosed for calculating a CRC on a message or block of data that has been divided into portions, by calculating a partial CRC corresponding to each of the portions and then combining the partial CRCs. The device and method are operable for portions that may have different l ...

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A method of making an inductive transducer having inorganic nonferromagnetic material disposed in an apex region adjacent to a submicron nonferromagnetic gap in a magnetic core. The inorganic nonferromagnetic apex region can be made by chemical etching of a layer of inorganic nonferromagnetic materi ...

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High-performance amagnetic gap layers for electromagnetic transducers are thermally conductive and electrically insulative, as well as providing a dense amorphous surface for forming magnet resistive sensor elements. The amagnetic gap layers include nonmonocrystalline compounds of AIN, SiC, SiO

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A magnetic head has an exchange isolated poletip located between a shield of an MR sensor and a write pole of an inductive sensor. The poletip is preferably made of high B

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