Simon Walker: Adjustable post support. Peak Innovations, Mark Hopkinson, May 22, 2007: US07219872 (22 worldwide citation)

An adjustable post support (10) for use in supporting a post vertically above the ground. The support may include a lower spike portion (12) and an upper bracket portion (14). The lower spike portion may include an upper end. The bracket portion may include a curved dome (22) and an upstanding sleev ...

John Gross, Simon Walker, Frank Fan, Wei Min Zhu: Ground stake. Peak Innovations, Mark Hopkinson, January 6, 2009: US07472874 (19 worldwide citation)

A ground stake for securing ropes or other fastening elements comprises a head portion with an elevated, textured surface and two or more extending flanges above a neck portion comprising recesses and a passageway. A plurality of elongated fins, at least a portion of which are tapered, depend from t ...

Simon Walker, Frank Fan, Karen Zhu: Gutter hanger. Peak Innovations, Mark Hopkinson, February 24, 2009: US07494095 (11 worldwide citation)

A hanger for mounting a gutter to a structure with a fastener. The hanger may include a bracket arm having first and second ends and extend widthwise to the gutter. A raised fastener guide portion may be connected to the first end of the bracket for delivery of the fastener. An outside gutter engage ...

Simon Walker: Post system for a railing. Peak Innovations, Mark Hopkinson, March 16, 2010: US07677000 (5 worldwide citation)

A post system for a railing, the post system including a railing post, an insert and a post base. The railing post includes an elongated tubular body with first and second ends. The insert may snugly be insertable within the first end of the railing post. The post base may be connectable to the firs ...