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An improved coal liquefaction process is provided whereby coal conversion is improved and yields of pentane soluble liquefaction products are increased. In this process, selected feed coal is pulverized and slurried with a process derived solvent, passed through a preheater and one or more dissolver ...

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Electromagnetic radiation shielding textile material comprising metal-coated fabric adapted to be applied with overlapping seams at least 4 cm wide to provide at least 80 dB of far-field shielding against electromagnetic radiation between 0.1 and 10 gigahertz. Fabric, e.g. non-woven nylon fabric, co ...

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A thermoplastic interlayer, such as of polyvinyl butyral, has a regular pattern of deairing channels formed in each side which are angularly arranged with respect to each other wherein, to avoid moire, the angle of intersection is at least 25 degrees, preferably 90 degrees.

Harold H Hopfe: Rough-surfaced interlayer. Monsanto Company, Michael J Murphy, Mark F Wachter, June 20, 1995: US05425977 (36 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic interlayer having a first air removal surface which includes a multiplicity of microscopic embossments of substantially identical shape integrally projecting from the plane of one side of the interlayer in a regular pattern and a second air removal surface on the other side of the in ...

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Aqueous electroless nickel plating solutions comprising a water soluble nickel salt associated with a neutral zwitterion, e.g. alanine or glycine, and/or monovalent anion, e.g. lactate, nitrate, hypophosphite, acetate, sulfamate, hydrochloride, formate, propionate, trichloroacetate, trifluoroacetate ...

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A process for forming a shaped prelaminate of glass and plastic by a) drawing an assembly of plastic layers against a hot, contoured, e.g. of compound curvature, mold surface to provide a shaped plastic preform at elevated temperature; b) transferring the shaped preform without cooling to an adjacen ...

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A process for the reactive pultrusion of a reinforcing material and a polyamide matrix wherein a reinforcing material is impregnated with a polyamide forming reaction mixture and then pultruded through a die while the polyamide forming reaction mixture is polymerized to form a polyamide matrix, wher ...

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A plastic sheet, preferably of plasticized partial polyvinyl butyral, for a laminated safety glazing, having means dispersed on its surface, preferably comprising a multiplicity of spaced projections, capable of resisting adhesion to a rigid panel, such as glass, of such a glazing when the sheet is ...

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Ferritin analogs comprising an apoferritin protein shell and a core substantially devoid of ferrihydrite, e.g. of inorganic composition such as aluminum hydroxide or organic composition such as acetaminophen. The protein shell can be removed from ferritin analog to produce spherules having a substan ...

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A laminated glazing unit having improved impact strength comprising a), b) and c) in sequence: a) a glass layer; b) a plasticized layer containing partial polyvinyl butyral; c) another glass layer; and d) means, preferably a multiplicity of spaced projections, dispersed on the surface of at least on ...