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A self-propelled robot is disclosed for movement over a surface to be treated. The robot has a power supply and a pair of wheels driven by motors for moving the robot over the surface. A mechanism is provided for controllably depositing a fluent material on to the surface. Navigation sensors provide ...


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The present invention relates to a shaped detergent composition, said composition comprising: (a) a surfactant; and (b) a plurality of discrete particles comprising benefit agent, said particles having a average particle size of at least 1.2 mm, preferably from 1.5 mm to 10 mm, more preferably from ...

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The present invention relates to fabric care compositions, methods, and articles of manufacture for treating fabrics, comprising an effective amount of fabric care polysaccharides with globular structure. Optionally, the composition can contain other ingredients to improve performance and formulatab ...

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Cleaning implements provide effective cleaning of hard surfaces by delivering a spray of cleaning composition onto a surface to be cleaned in an area generally definable by a trapezoid relative to the leading edge of said implement. Implements such as those used to clean floors can be provided with ...


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The present invention relates to a portable device for spraying a liquid at low pressure, said device comprising a spray arm (220), and characterized in that the spray arm comprises at least one flat fan spray nozzle (230). Preferably, the liquid is a cleaning composition for treatment of carpets an ...

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Spray dispensers and body spray systems are provided. The spray dispensers are suitable for use with aerosol personal care compositions, e.g., body sprays, and are configured to allow removal and replacement of an aerosol spray canister. In some implementations, the spray dispensers include an actua ...

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A cleaning implement for hard surface cleaning is provided. This cleaning implement includes a handle, a mop head pivotably attached to said handle, and which has a pad forming a bottom surface, and at least one elevational element removably attached to the bottom surface of the pad. The elevational ...