John Burnett: Medical attachment device. Marion P Lelong, December 31, 1996: US05588166 (88 worldwide citation)

A medical attachment device is described that is hung upon and rigidly attached to an upright and horizontally disposed part of a patient transport vehicle and that also grasps an upright pole of a wheeled patient care apparatus for maintaining the vehicle and the apparatus in fixed spatial relation ...

Orlando C Jaime: Infant car seat having dual sunvisors. UV Art, Marion P Lelong, June 4, 1996: US05522639 (66 worldwide citation)

An infant car seat has an adjustable carrying handle and foot and head sunvisors that can be elevated above the infant's feet and head while offering protection from sun, wind, and dust and enabling an adult to monitor the infant occupant without undue strain.

Constandinos Appla: Closure and dispensing device for containers. Marion P Lelong, August 18, 1992: US05139182 (42 worldwide citation)

A two-piece, plastic, screw-on, closure and dispenser has an outer tubular female part with upper and lower internal screw threads and a separate, inner tubular male part with a single external screw thread rotatably attachable to the upper thread of the female part the lower thread of which is scre ...

William M Markham Jr, John H Reid: Process for converting food sludges to biomass fuels. Marion P Lelong, May 9, 1989: US04828577 (33 worldwide citation)

A process is described for treating a feed wastewater from a food preparation plant to recover substantially all of its fats and up to 50% of its proteins in a chemical float sludge which is selectively admixed with an absorptive bulking agent, such as sawdust, at a dry-basis weight ratio of 3-4 pou ...

William M Markham Jr, John H Reid, George L Coffman: Recovery of fats and proteins from food processing wastewaters with alginates. Marion P Lelong, June 12, 1990: US04933087 (25 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed for treating food wastewaters by acidifying to a low pH, adding an alginate, and, preferably, adding lime to a pH of at least 7.0, without adding iron or aluminum to assist in coagulation and flocculation of the wastewater. A floc is formed at acid pH in some wastewaters and a ...

Paul C Fraver: Drill bit depth minder. Marion P Lelong, September 15, 1992: US05147164 (24 worldwide citation)

The depth minder comprises a drill bit having a shank and an integrally attached flange, with male threads thereon, which has a larger diameter than the shank so that it prevents drilling to a deeper depth than the length of the drill bit beyond the flange. A primary spacer is also used which has fe ...

John H Reid: Cyclical complete mix activated sludge process. Marion P Lelong, April 17, 1990: US04917805 (23 worldwide citation)

A nitrification-denitrification process is disclosed wherein a single flow-through and cyclically operated complete mix activated sludge basin, containing mixed liquor having a mean cell residence time of at least 15 days, is fed with wastewater and discharges treated wastewater to a clarifier while ...

John H Reid: Method of using wastewater flow equalization basins for multiple biological treatments. Marion P Lelong, November 6, 2001: US06312599 (22 worldwide citation)

One or more flow equalization basins or lagoons are utilized for performing hydrolysis of ATP as the first stage of biological phosphorus reduction, selective reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD), deamination, and denitrification of nitrate and nitrite compounds, in addition to simultaneous f ...

Marion P Lelong: Tensile support device. Marion P Lelong, March 8, 1994: US05292014 (19 worldwide citation)

A tensile support device comprising a pair of rigid, elongated members which are horizontally disposed and attached closely together at their outer ends and held widely spaced apart by a cable or strap at their inner ends which rest against a supporting surface, such as a wall, a tree, a pole, or a ...

John H Reid: Apparatus for maximizing biological use of entire volume of endless channel in an oxidation ditch. Marion P Lelong, William H Murray, August 20, 1991: US05041217 (16 worldwide citation)

A process and any of several pump/circulators provide selective rapid mixing of influent wastewater with the mixed liquor in the channel of an oxidation ditch and thereby provide maximized use of the entire volume of the channel. The pump/circulator is disposed at the beginning of the anoxic zone an ...