Longzhi Jiang
Evangelos Trifon Laskaris, James Pellegrino Alexander, Paul St Mark Shadforth Thompson, Tao Zhang, William Chen, Longzhi Jiang: Cooling system and method for cooling superconducting magnet devices. General Electric Company, The Small Patent Law Group, Evan Reno Sottriou, Marie Claire B Maple, February 12, 2013: US08374663 (2 worldwide citation)

A cooling system and method for cooling superconducting magnet coils are provided. One magnet system for a superconducting magnet device includes a cooling system having at least one coil support shell, a plurality of superconducting magnet coils supported by the at least one coil support shell and ...

Ravindra Mohan Manjeshwar, Kris Filip Johan Jules Thielemans, Evren Asma: Motion correction in tomographic images. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, June 25, 2013: US08472683 (9 worldwide citation)

An imaging method comprises reconstructing gated emission tomography images for a region of interest, adjusting a mismatch between the gated emission tomography images and a computed tomography image of the region of interest, registering the gated emission tomography images, and combining the regis ...

Ralph Thomas Hoctor, Aaron Mark Dentinger: System and method for measuring blood viscosity. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, March 5, 2013: US08388544 (9 worldwide citation)

A technique is provided for computing or monitoring blood viscosity. The technique includes measuring a cross sectional area of a arterial segment and a volumetric flow rate of blood flowing through the arterial segment at two or more locations, estimating a compliance transfer function from blood m ...

Yudong Zhu, Thomas Kwok Fah Foo: Method and apparatus for generating a localized heating. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, November 13, 2012: US08311641 (8 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for generating a localized heating are provided, the method comprising: transmitting a spatially localized or shaped electromagnetic field via a plurality of coils to a subject and generating magnetic resonance signals; performing magnetic resonance imaging based on the magnet ...

Radislav Alexandrovich Potyrailo, William Guy Morris, David James Monk, Vijay Singh: Disposable sensing device having radio frequency based sensor. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, August 13, 2013: US08508368 (7 worldwide citation)

A sensing device for sensing one or more conditions inside a container is provided. The sensing device comprises a radio frequency based sensor; a support for positioning the sensor in operative proximity to the inside of the container, and a pick-up coil in operative association with the sensor.

Yun Zou, Brian Lounsberry, Carey Shawn Rogers, Sergio Lemaitre, Xiaoye Wu, Jizhong Chen, Floribertus P Heukensfeldt Jansen: Method of fast current modulation in an X-ray tube and apparatus for implementing same. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, March 12, 2013: US08396185 (6 worldwide citation)

An X-ray tube includes a target and a cathode assembly. The cathode assembly includes a first filament configured to emit a first beam of electrons toward the target, a first gridding electrode coupled to the first filament, a second filament configured to emit a second beam of electrons toward the ...

Naresh Kesavan Rao, Brian David Yanoff, Yanfeng Du, Jianjun Guo: System and method for time-to-voltage conversion with lock-out logic. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, April 17, 2012: US08159286 (5 worldwide citation)

An event time stamping system comprising a current source, an integrator comprising an input and an output, and configured to output a voltage proportional to the length of time the current source is coupled to the input, and one or more switches configured to couple the current source to the input ...

Richard Philip Mallozzi, Charles Lucian Dumoulin: T1-corrected proton resonance frequency shift thermometry. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, September 20, 2011: US08024025 (5 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for correcting magnetic resonance temperature measurements is disclosed. In one aspect, the method identifies monitoring regions of interest outside a therapeutic region of interest. Next, a pulse sequence sensitive to changes in T1 and proton density is used to measure the t ...

Floribertus P M Heukensfeldt Jansen, Yaron Hefetz: Imaging detector and method of manufacturing. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, July 16, 2013: US08487265 (4 worldwide citation)

Imaging detectors and methods of manufacturing are provided. One imaging detector includes a first detector layer within a detector module and a second detector layer within the detector module and spaced apart from the first detector layer, wherein the second detector layer has an opening therethro ...

John Anderson Fergus Ross, David Michael Davenport: System and method for interference mitigation in a wireless sensor network. General Electric Company, Marie Claire B Maple, June 12, 2012: US08199000 (3 worldwide citation)

A wireless patient monitoring system forms a Network Around a Patient (NAP) and includes sensor nodes configured to acquire patient data from a patient. A gateway device is in bi-directional wireless communication with the sensor nodes for a plurality of defined communication frames. The gateway dev ...

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