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A natural language (NL) analyzing system is provided with the capability to analyze NL expressions and to resolve ambiguities and present them to the user for verification of correct interpretation. A conceptual model of the system, relevant to the application in which the invention is implemented, ...

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An apparatus for translating a series of source words in a first language to a series of target words in a second language. For an input series of source words, at least two target hypotheses, each including a series of target words, are generated. Each target word has a context comprising at least ...

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An architecture for the implementation of an information utility for accessing information and executing transactions on an interactive basis between Videotex databases and individual end user terminals, some or all of which may be remotely located with respect to each other. The utility may be asso ...

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Doped silica glass can be manufactured by reacting gaseous vapors of silica-forming compounds and dopant-forming compounds. Increased fluorine dopant can be provided with less fluorine dopant-forming compound, when the fluorine dopant-forming compound is hexafluoroethane (C.sub.2 F.sub.6).

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A speech recognition system measures the values of at least two classes of features of an utterance: (1) a first class whose value is related to the frequency spectrum of the utterance, and (2) a second class whose value is related to the variation with time of the "first class" value of the utteran ...

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In a Markov model speech recognition system, an acoustic processor generates one label after another selected from an alphabet of labels. Each vocabulary word is represented as a baseform constructed of a sequence of Markov models. Each Markov model is stored in a computer memory as (a) a plurality ...

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In a system that (i) defines each word in a vocabulary by a fenemic baseform of fenemic phones, (ii) defines an alphabet of composite phones each of which corresponds to at least one fenemic phone, and (iii) generates a string of fenemes in response to speech input, the method provides for convertin ...

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A speech coding and speech recognition apparatus. The value of at least one feature of an utterance is measured over each of a series of successive time intervals to produce a series of feature vector signals. The closeness of the feature value of each feature vector signal to the parameter value of ...

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Analysis of a word input from a speech input device 1 for its features is made by a feature extractor 4 to obtain a feature vector sequence corresponding to said word, or to obtain a label sequence by applying a further transformation in a labeler 8. Fenonic hidden Markov models for speech transform ...